Kyree S. Williams
Aug 13

Probably, anybody that’s worked on a Benz of that era will marvel at how “big, well-managed German auto companies” seemingly mix-and-matched parts from whatever was available. Read more

Aug 13

The pre-facelift Elantra Sport is a REALLY sharp looking car, darn near almost perfect. Hyundai ruined it with the facelift, and now they’ve gone and seemingly ruined the Elantra again with whatever the heck that is pictured up top....the front end reminds me of The Grinch smiling.

Aug 12

Carl buys an Oldsmobile Achieva sedan, and tries—fruitlessly—to keep it from being collateral damage in one of Steve’s mishaps. Read more

Aug 12

Let’s also give it up to said hero, carefully scrawling 190 on the speedo above the 120 MPH mark.  It was ludicrously ambitious then, and it remains so now.  About the only way you’re going to hit 120 in a Scout II is if you shove it out the back of a flying C-130.

Aug 12

That’s a bummer because it’s a really awesome car. Glad I picked mine up while I could.

Aug 12

Any reasonable safety system takes ordinary human behavior into account. Or, to put it another way, if humans were capable of behaving rationally and prudently all of the time, you wouldn’t really need robust safety systems. Read more

Aug 12

All the best designs are from the 1980s. We should reïntroduce these graphs. Here’s a mockup of a depreciation graph for a Chevrolet:

Aug 12

One of the best ways to prevent deaths from accidents is to prevent the accident in the first place. This is solved with education. Make it MUCH more difficult to obtain a driver license, or make it a tiered system (as to not negatively affect the lower income brackets) where a beginner permit allows you to use Read more

Aug 11

Sony Driveman. You heard it here first.

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Aug 11

My bigger gripe with the Alpha platform Camaro is the lowflying vents placed behind the gear shifter..... 

Aug 10

If you look at a crack pipe and automatically assume anything about it but the fact that it is a piece of drug paraphernalia, then that’s YOUR problem. Read more

Jul 31

I agree but one never knows about everyone elses financial and personal situations!

Jul 28

Yep. My wife and I do animal rescue. When we were house shopping our list was. Big fenced back yard, no carpeting, no HOA. The only complex thing was my daughter was about to go to high school, so good school became a must too. It took some looking and the house we got isn’t perfect, but its perfect for our lives. Read more

Jul 28

Why thank you, facw. This is the most balanced and thoughtful (meaning: full-of-thought) post here yet. 

Jul 28

Now, now, we can’t hold everyone complicit in this scam accountable, can we? Those pillar of the community bankers who got a nice commission on those loans would never knowingly grant a government backed loan to some dude claiming wildly inflated revenues, would they? Why would we besmirch their sterling reputations Read more

Jul 26

4 series... It’s lower fascia looks like Lucy making a face when something goes wrong. The upper part looks like it suffering from its own farts.

Jul 24

According to Toyota, the reliability woes were more of a dip than a permanent slide. BMW was bad in the mid 2000's but their vehicles seem to have gotten less unreliable in the past 6 or 7 years.
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