Kat Callahan
Previously Correspondent, Asia at Jalopnik and LGBT Editor at Jezebel. Lover of the Oxford Comma, despite AP Style, and the Commonwealth "S."

Well, the one that came with the driver side apparently was custom welded. I think. But it was possible to order a Logo specific rail directly from Recaro, and I had the performance department at Autobacs do that for me. Read more

I didn’t even notice. I was a JHS teacher for 11 years and have an English Ed degree. Read more

I’m aware of the 60s ad campaign. And yeah, I know the Cub family tree is a bit convoluted. Read more

I had a pretty supposedly typical (if very boring) suburban high school experience. Koguma is an extreme example, but even with my interests and my friends, there wasn’t a lot to do. It was mostly just housing divisions. Walking or biking was possible only to one of my friend’s houses, because, you know, sprawl. You Read more

I do what I can, but I think my colleagues do some fine work! Read more

I award you internet points for referencing the classic ad campaign. Read more

Ha yeah. But Tokyo doesn’t have anything on like... Bangkok or Saigon.  Read more

My understanding, it is very much a third hand kind of understanding, even as someone lives in Japan, is that it is possible to quasi-emancipate from the foster care system at 16, if you either go to work or continue school. I believe you get a stipend from the government, foster care is very expensive. Read more

Reiko says Cubs are no longer being made in Japan. I live in Japan, but this is my first interest into Super Cubs outside of the 1960s advertisement campaign (which I think was excellent advertising). Read more

I can recommend Two-Car, I went to the official Japanese press premiere a few years back.  Read more

Yes, but at age 20 for cars. I actually wrote a lot for Jalopnik about when I got my license. Read more

It’s not common, but I believe at 16 you can quasi-emancipate yourself from the foster care system, and you get a small government allowance/stipend. I think that’s the plot basis here. Read more

I can answer this now. I pay about $1000/mo for a studio in the city. At the time of this article, I had a two bedroom townhouse with internet and parking for $600/mo. Read more

Now I live in Tokyo and commute OUT of the city. MUCH BETTER. Empty trains are best trains. Read more

Typhoon just passed here in Tokyo. Let’s all be wet together. Read more

You are not alone. Many trans women, especially later transitioners with more restrictive childhoods have this experience. The issue is when the objectors try to make it seem as though all trans women have this experience of obvious male socialisation. It doesn’t undermine your transness or your womanhood, but it is Read more