Jim Spanfeller Is a Herb BY EMMA CARMICHAEL
Jul 3

Yes, MTV and reality TV invented people being ‘super touchy feely’ and men being gross to women.

(I’d vaguely wondered whatever happened to Tipper Gore?)

Nov 1

Posted this gif on Greenwell’s tweet about no more staff, but seems appropos here as well. Best of luck to you all. Thanks for the bears, Diana. You did great!

Oct 29

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Oct 7

Texas senator Ted Cruz, who is a Rockets fan, condemned the NBA’s stance on Sunday. “We’re better than this; human rights shouldn’t be for sale & the NBA shouldn’t be assisting Chinese communist censorship,” he wrote on Twitter.  {Guardian} Read more

Sep 25 2019

The actual Tomsula Index is a list of businesses that will let you use their bathroom without having to buy anything. 

Jun 13 2019

Eh, I have no problem with your response, I just wanted to keep the “Eh” train going. 

May 20 2019

You missed the part where she drew hearts and “TOTAL HOTTIE [flames]all over Jaime’s page.

May 20 2019

They missed a huge  opportunity to have  Brienne start her OWN PAGE in the knight’s yearbook or whatever tf that thing is. Instead  she just wrote Jaime’s sweet lil ending and that was it. C’mon! 

May 13 2019

Those dragons were also chained in a pit so they couldn’t take to the air, and were pretty much suffocated to death under the thousands of corpses they roasted. Only one dragon was ever taken down in actual combat, which is obviously the situation Dany & Jon would be facing.

May 13 2019

What if Dany, instead of losing her shit and going after the people, instead flew straight at the Red Keep and burnt it to the ground, and under the Red Keep, there were more caches of Wildfire, which set off a chain reaction throughout the entire city? You still get the massive destruction and death of thousands, Read more

May 13 2019

It’s not a favored Machiavellian strategy. Machiavelli believed that the people (realm if you’re varys) ultimately decided who they would be ruled by. If you were a cruel ruler you ran the risk of your neighbors attacking you and the people and soldiers in your city opening the gates for them. Machiavelli would not Read more

May 6 2019

My only real Marchman memory (to the extent I remember it), mid 2000s, not long after Marchman came to Chicago. Cubs day game on Memorial Day, all-inclusive roof-top, rain delayed. A buddy and me, Dayn Perry, Nate Silver, and Marchman, drinking from approximately noon until 1:00 am.  I think we were ordering off the Read more

Apr 11 2019

You’ve dunked on yourself harder than I possibly could have. Is a union an employer? Are other employees employers? No, no they are not. You can retire from the comments section now.

Apr 10 2019

“...and is secure in his legacy as the greatest-ever player from outside the United States...” Read more

Oct 9 2018

Yes, fall damage is handled well in Breath of the Wild, because it’s one part of a well designed system of climbing, gliding, and stamina management. But the threat of fall damage is still an important part of that system. Read more

Oct 22 2014

Guess you missed the whole "if that's what happened" part of my comment. I was simply curious as to whether or not that really happened. No need to rant on about what details are and aren't relevant.