Kyle James
Jun 12 2015

Great list. and I wanted to share a story on Eddie Bauer from years ago. I had a flannel shirt that I really liked but I ruined it by leaving it in the back of my car to set in the sun over the summer and the color turned from browns and forest green to an almost pink color. I was in the store basically whining about Read more

May 22 2015

This is a great article and, imho, the best advice is to do your research. I obsess over researching any significant purchase and almost always end up with a solid product that does what it says. When the product does what it is supposed to do and does it well, I forget about what I paid for it. If the product does Read more

May 22 2015

I worked retail and if we put a “starburst” with a price—-it sold. Most of the time it was the regular price. The worst was when we had an error for riding lawnmowers. We never sold riding lawnmowers. The sales ad had it priced $75 higher than normal and was supposed to be $75 below normal...I sold 2 of them in 1 Read more

May 7 2015

I’m a really big fan of the Camelizer. The pricing history lets me strategically shop, letting me see the trend in depreciation and weigh my options if any price drop warrants an immediate purchase, or if I should wait a little longer.

Apr 30 2015

My favorite story is about my friend who bought a box of aspirin at a little tiny store in Manhattan, saw the box had a coupon to be cut out, and asked the cashier to discount the coupon on that very transaction since my friend did not intend to buy another bottle. The whole point of the coupon is to discount a second Read more