Kyla Jenee Lacey
Kyla's a big deal in the spoken word world, but regular people don't care. She's owned by two black cats Kit & Kaboodle, works out just enough & likes Mary Jane. IG @kylajlacey her parents made it up
10:42 AM

Part of that sketch also talks about how black men would refuse to turn on black men accused of crimes, and would go to extremes to bring up any doubt, right? Or am I getting the skits mixed up? Read more

10:40 AM

I get that people digest content differently based on a million different factors. I get that victims and those close to them (rightly) can’t tolerate jokes about this shit, but... I can’t be the only person who remembers how critical that skit was of Kelly. Read more

11:47 AM

Ok, I’ve driven part time for Uber and Lyft. Part of that job means keeping my car clean. I could see a driver not noticing something small like an earring that a passenger lost and it fell between the cushions somehow, but 2 pounds of weed is pretty fuckin’ conspicuous. How do you not notice that for 4 days? And who Read more

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3:46 PM

“She finished by accusing me of jealousy. I must be envious—she said—because she lies down next to a black Republican every night and takes black dick, and she was better off than the black women commenting.” Read more

2:42 PM

Just gonna sit here and wait for everyone to claim they aren’t homophobic but type the most homophobic shit I’ll see all week.

11:13 AM

What is wrong with you? She is pointing out that having relationships with black people doesn’t absolve you from racism if you don’t actually support black communities in their mission for equality.

10:45 AM

I hope my daughter comes out with the same ideals as you. I’m atheist but I don’t hate on people who aren’t. I also love Christmas.

11:44 AM

Yeah, Christmas loving atheist here. Apparently there’s a lot more of us running around out here then people would suppose.

4:35 PM

There is definitely a natural hair contingent that contends “natural” must mean “can’t do anything except these approved Afrocentric things with your hair.” I am definitely not in that camp, lol.

5:05 PM

I’m kind of shocked you aren’t. Did you grow up outside of the US, Europe or without “Western” media? Looking back, whiteness was machine-gunned at me and I’m not sure how I escaped it. Read more

3:06 PM

In the few interracial relationships that I’ve seen with black women and white men, the black women are usually still remarkably black as fuck, and they still defend all black people (with a few exceptions).

3:00 PM

I am also eyerolling at some of these clowns who rush to the thread to tell us how they’ve BEEN WITH A WHITE WOMAN FOR SO MANY YEARS - and yet are not “up to the job of educating their families”

2:20 PM

Fondness of black genitalia doesn’t erase white hate, but rather highlights the fetishization of the black body by whites, which has been done since the founding of our country. Offering that up (or the offspring that came from that fondess) as proof of one’s lack of prejudice is far more enlightening than I think Read more

2:19 PM

Mmmph! *tosses a few bills into the collection plate* I’ll be honest: in my family tree, there are several branches... twigs and sticks... That has taken up the ‘white is desired’ ideology and have managed to pass that belief system down to their progeny. Only a few of them, sadly, managed to the falseness in that Read more

1:59 PM

I have no idea of what you’re saying Kyla. Anyway. I’ll just leave this picture here.