Aug 3 2017

There is zero interest on Nintendo’s part to cultivate any sort of competitive gaming scene.

Sep 27 2016

the costumes look cool and all but 1. I don’t understand the paintbrush, 2. what’s the deal with the black version of sans? That’s not even recognizable as undertale-related. Shit, the first one wouldn’t be recognizable as Sans if not for the way the eyes were done. Is this some sort of fanon nonsense?

Jun 17 2016

Or I like Microsoft just fine, but having Steam, Uplay, Origin, and has given me a little bit of online gaming marketplace fatigue, and I just want my shit consolidated into a single library without having to sign into another service or enter my payment information a fifth time. Read more

Jan 12 2016

Can we just get smiling Fahey for recommended games, or Fahey in bear mask gif for bad games? I feel that can’t possibly be misconstrued.

Dec 4 2015

It’s not a question of where it grips her! It’s a simple question of weight ratios! A thirty two ounce bird could not carry a one hundred and fifty pound woman.

Nov 6 2015

I’d wager that a large chunk of people who buy it on console won’t even be aware of what it costs on PC.

Oct 11 2015

I’d say chuck both and find one where the ‘R’ key hasn’t been replaced with a ‘gamma’ key.

Oct 3 2015

I agree this was definitely one of the strongest episodes in a while (definitely better than anything last season, and the best start to a multipart episode since The Rebel Flesh). On the other hand, I’d be careful about suggesting that means Whithouse should be a show runner. Moffat has already given us a top notch Read more

Sep 10 2015

2k5 was FUCKING AMAZING. It's a goddamn travesty that we don't get to see what they could have done with next gen systems. Fuck EA.

Sep 10 2015

Would it also then bring in a first-person mode like, IMO, the best NFL game ever made, NFL 2K5 for Xbox?

Sep 1 2015

My dream is that a year from now, we get a Nintendo Direct presentation, in which they finally unveil the grand new Metroid game everyone has been waiting for, and at the very end of the trailer, we see “A Hideo Kojima Game” across the screen.