Kurt Bradley
Sub-Par Photographer and Reasonably Quick Test Driver

Sep 19

If that was the case, after this many rounds into the season, that experiment didn’t work. An F1 team knows that within a couple races. 

Sep 19

I admire he and Williams making an effort to give him a shot, but when they saw how slow he was in testing, they should have quickly made a change. Throughout the season he has been over a second slower per lap than his rookie teammate, and Williams was foolish for sticking with him throughout the season. Read more

Sep 2

I’ve done dealer group management, including sales and fixed operations leadership, but also did lot some of time learning process management from production of software and hardware. I went through factory production and delivery training, in addition to supply chain management. Read more

Aug 27

We get to enjoy this view for many more years. This makes me happy.

Aug 7

He’s going to start a new team, be a driver, and have Lewis as his teammate again. 

Aug 7

Torchy’s has brought the massive truck out to a couple races. They also had it parked in the grand plaza during X Games. Read more

Aug 7

Over the past year, for the not so usual rental, I have had a couple Dodge Chargers, an Audi A6, and a CT6. Those aren’t bad at all. I’ve had the run of the mill Camry, Corolla, Elantra, and Fusion rentals, which offer exactly what you’d expect. Read more

Aug 7

A significant portion of Dodge dealers are multi-point shops, offering Jeep and/or Chrysler. They need room for all the Wranglers. 

Aug 5 2019

I love to laugh at dealers that pull this shit. “One day we’ll get a sucker to pay this massive markup on a two year old car.” Read more

Jul 31 2019

Had IndyCar used blue flags at Mid Ohio last weekend, a few cars running in the top 5 could have had a fighting chance at the win. Instead a bunch of lapped cars were basically blocking them for the final dozen laps on a small track with limited passing opportunities.

Jul 23 2019

Who buys this? Rental car companies need a car they pretend is a big upgrade over a Sentra or Corolla, and want to charge $90/day for it. The Maxima is that car.