Kaitlin Ugolik
3:53 AM

Maggie Bailey, a grad student who turned to intuitive eating in 2016 when she realized her obsession with “clean eating” and Whole 30 was unhealthy... Read more

11:44 PM

You don’t need to defend your food choices and body size to a stranger on the internet. It’s insulting that FreeCharlie felt the need to step in and critique your life. Read more

3:03 PM

I’m really sorry that your family is so shitty to you when it comes to weight and body image. I come from a family that’s very similar (one of my earliest memories is my grandmother yelling at me for taking seconds at Thanksgiving dinner and telling my mother I needed to go on a diet. I was 5) and it really does fuck Read more

8:28 AM

I think the point of this article is that I am not calorie counting and I do not even know what cut and bulks are. I just try to eat an enjoyable dinner with my family and do not give a shit about breakfast or lunch so I just eat the same thing every day out of laziness. I lift or jog or row at the gym to feel better Read more

12:08 PM

As someone with a troubled relationship with food after losing a lot of weight, I found this inspiring. I’ve never heard of this concept before. Its tough to talk about, but thanks for posting.