Kevin Roose
6:04 PM

i shot a bb gun at a moving car from the roof of my house and blew out the driver-side window and the driver stopped and saw me and my friends on the roof and we ran in different directions and the driver caught up to one of my friends and beat the shit out of him. we were 13.

5:55 PM

There was a phase when we were really big into calling 911 from payphones then hanging up, then hiding nearby to see if the cops would come. This got problematic when we kept it going away at summer camp, where the one payphone must’ve been 30 minutes from any police station, and they would send a car out each and Read more

5:50 PM

We used to raise rabbits (and chickens) for food on our little ‘70s hobby farm, and one time when I was about 5 I pulled a little hairless kit out of the fluff in its raised cage where it was nestled against the cool Northern California winter air to pet it, and it died in my hands of exposure. My father rightfully Read more