Kristine Gutierrez
Jun 24 2013

I AM SO PROUD OF MY COLORADO. Especially parts of Denver and their establishments that have already been in support of this! Read more

Jun 21 2013

I've worked as a trader on trading floor for the last 5 years now and through the entire financial crisis and this is total BS (Though Kristine your final point is completely valid), and Im tired of hearing it. So Im going to set a few things straight: Read more

Jun 21 2013

"Kristen, please. This is how you do a bitch face."

Jun 18 2013

What the heck kind of stock photography company took this?

Jun 18 2013

My favorite story about modeling was when I did my first swimwear shoot on a shivery March beach. The hair and make-up team walked around with hair ties. I mentioned none of the models had long hair. She giggled at me and said, "First speedo shoot? It's to prevent turtle-ing." I later found out that even in warm Read more