Kristine Gutierrez
11:18 PM

I used to want to become an Egyptologist so I agree. The magazine actually said that Kim is a "spitting image of (Egyptian Goddess) Isis" and I was like, um, NO. But otherwise, she does have the perfectly symmetrical, dark, amazing eyes, sharp face that we see in generic paintings of an Egyptian goddess/queen Read more

7:05 PM

Yah you see I totally feel that. When it's hot outside I get soooo grumpy and prissy that any additional body heat just PISSES ME OFF. But then doesn't that kind of inspire passion from that anger?! Fuckit Summer just dumbs me down so much I don't feel anything other than anger/passion/death.

7:19 PM

I'm with you on all points. 1. I went to school in Colorado (CU Boulder REPRESENT!) and as a state, it's an amazing model for what a "purple" state can achieve. This year in particular has been groundbreaking for progressive laws, and I absolutely love it. Read more

4:46 PM

Haha YES. Although ever since I've moved to NYC, I have gotten mixed messages. If I am smiling, catcallers think I want the D. If I got my bitch face on, guys think I need the D so I can get all HAPPY AND NICE AND SHIT. But then I just plug in my headphones and ignore EVERYONE.

4:57 PM

You raise a good point - perhaps I should have been more concise. I believe that God in essence is love. The Church and any institution for that matter has in my view completely deviated from this extremely important purpose.

8:24 PM

Side note: it's a whole different story with gay men. I talked to several of my gay male frandz who said that they love talking about dick (unlike most straight men), but they do experience insecurity about their bodies, too (as do ALL people in general). The research indicated that gay men experience more insecurity Read more

6:17 PM

I wonder how many football teams the Tebow will have to join to prove that he is an ineffective and lackluster player post-college (the only reason why Bronco nation went wild for him was for star factor, which we unfortunately mistook as football talent)...nothingburger with a side of fail fries!!!

4:55 PM

But, as the family claims, "friendship" and "love" is what makes the Kardashian family...

4:35 PM

I agree with all of you. People taking photos - especially posing - with something tragic in the back is always so fucked up, no matter where it is. Even something as "harmless" as taking photos of candles at a church (I'm talking about the candles that individuals light up) pisses me off: those candles represent Read more

4:30 PM

Yes I definitely wanted to point this out, so thank you for doing that!! The worst is after some natural disaster. The indecency and ignorance that missionaries and random volunteers from around the world display towards locals and the culture, history and political envrionment is appalling. I think that it's not Read more