Kristen Lee
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5:23 PM

“If you were offended by that joke, please fill out your grievance on the back of a 100 dollar bill and then promptly light it on fire.” Read more

1:43 PM

Toronto used to have a pop up late night event called Ertefa. Street racing, burnouts, shit like that always used to happen at the events. They kept going to different locations but the cops just ended up following them around and shutting it down. Not sure what they are doing now, as I got out of that scene due to Read more

10:58 AM

Hear hear! Enough with the reflexive demands for a sport edition of every damn thing. Save it for things that really need that. Give me a Mazdaspeed 3, don’t waste my time with a Corolla S.

10:20 AM

There is an indefinable charm about a friendly-looking performance car.

2:38 PM

This looks like as good a place as any to ask this. Is a 2013 c-class amg 63 worth getting? My current car, 2006 mustang, is finally starting to break down. I need advice from car people.

12:12 PM

The LS engines are the antithesis to DOHC. There is simply no compelling argument in favor of DOHC over an LS engine. Read more

6:07 PM

I’m so glad I stuck with this video all the way through. That call to Brad de Aztek was fan-freaking-tastic. Kristen with the affectionate pat while David says “someone loved this car” got me a bit choked up, reminding me of my long gone mech friends.

10:35 AM

Yup, I heard one rogue tire sequel in the opening scene for Ronin. Turned that shit off immediately. Then there was that one time I almost watched Gone in 60 Seconds....but then I heard a Windsor block in place of a proper big block and decided to burn my entire entertainment center. Read more

9:53 AM

Another fun Fast and the Furious Factoid: They used the same Vin Diesel for every movie, and just fed him a steady diet of protein and steroids to get the uber-mega-Diesel we see in the most recent films. Read more

5:36 PM

Kristen — you’re my favourite journalist working at Jalopnik. I now pay more attention to the author in the header of the article, and anytime I see your name — I read material more enthusiastically, and with more attention. Great article. Reads better than a big name newspaper.

12:51 PM

The XK and I would get along just fine. Syncros, who needs ‘em? Rev matching won’t kill you. Airbags? I got this far without needing one, I intend to continue to do so. Head on a swivel, don’t do anything too stupid and put the effing phone down. This is already the case in 50% of my dailies so I don’t see a reason to Read more