S.E. Doster
Feb 25

Except that it is a new zombie mode, and there’s a new map in the mix as well. I get that people enjoy hating on Call of Duty (and everything else), but you don’t have to make shit up. Just say, “I don’t like it.”

Dec 1

That was super cool. I’m not a Fortnite player...or, rather, wasn’t until this season specifically because of Marvel stuff and I had a blast. Curious to see what they do next.

Nov 14

I think it’s all about how it’s implemented. I was watching a video of that COD shooting a machine gun and the triggers wear actively pushing back on fingers in the demo likely forcing you to hold the triggers down harder. Read more

Nov 3

Warzone going free to play also killed a lot of the blackout population. Like with most CoD games the community dissolves pretty quickly after 2 years.

Oct 1

It depends on how they’re implemented, and honestly, if you can’t do weird-ass experimentation in COD Zombies, where the hell can you?

Aug 18

Oh, Kotaku, what have they done to you? I can live with the front page shenanigans since I can just put a /latest at the end of the url, but I refuse to click “Next” 21 times when I could’ve just scrolled down. Read more

Jul 12

I got hired to work on a huge feature film, which is remarkable considering there are so few productions going in the states right now. 

Jun 3

Took me a second to realize it said “Fuck Trump”. If it get’s removed, I recommend going with YG’s version. FTD (Fuck Donald Trump)

Jun 3

I hope my FTRMP clan tag doesn’t get me banned. Because I’m never taking it off.

Jun 3

I see a ton of n-word names along with the MAGA clan tag. They should ban that one too

Jun 1

Good on you for posting this knowing well there will be lots of people screeching about “I come to Kotaku for games journalism, not social justice”.  Everyone needs to pay attention, all ages, all races, all religions.  Only when people are paying attention will they actually comprehend what is going on around them.

May 26

PUBG feels like walking through slush still with how terribly optimized it is. Saying “go play pubg” also forgoes tons of other features which we’ve come to enjoy in WZ.

Apr 13 2020

Judging by how easily he said that word in the clip, it seems like that's definitely not the first time he's used it.

Apr 8 2020

I’m happy that crossplay is slowly becoming a standard, because it allows communities to survive a little bit longer than they previously would otherwise. Likely, once the next Call of Duty releases, you will still have a large enough pool of people on MW due to crossplay that you can still enjoy the game without the Read more

Mar 30 2020

I wouldn’t go so far as to say give up on them but I will say that the worst cheating I have ever seen in online FPS games is with Activision games. Typically my experience has been the first 3 months or so is fine. After that the enjoyment of the game dwindles significantly because of cheaters. Read more

Aug 21 2019

If you get 100% and aren’t creeped out, the NSA recruiter would like to have a word with you about exciting ways to play the “sequel”.