Oct 11 2019

Since 2005, the other 3 AFC East teams post a record above .500 9 times in 42 attempts. The best quarterback that’s played on those teams is maybe a 70 year old Brett Farve? Chad Pennington? Ryan Fitzpatrick? You could make an honest to god argument that it was Mark Sanchez. Yes, the Patriots are historically fucking Read more

Aug 31 2019

Mmmmmmm, meat paste tacos.  I bought 100 of those fuckers on taco tuesday once.  I was finding them in my car for weeks after.   

Aug 30 2019

OR, the pitcher chooses to fucking humiliate you by throwing 3 curveballs that look for a second like they’re going to hit you in the fucking face and cause you to run like the fucking coward you (I) are.   

Aug 28 2019

“Shoot around the local courts.” LOL. I believe you, just got a chuckle out of that. I met Joakim Noah once.  He was a SUPER fucking nice guy.  That’s it.  That’s my story.   

Aug 27 2019

Who’d a thunk a guy that was just a complete fucking asshole in the public eye for 8 or so years is.... actually a complete fucking asshole.  

Aug 26 2019

You get a better view of Rey’s lightsaber in the actual trailer, but the grip is quite a bit different, reckon she’s built a new one similar to Luke’s.

Aug 22 2019

You take such a large collection of white men and put them in a place, you’re gonna get a solid display of just the worst fucking facial hair you’ve ever seen.  

Aug 22 2019

Now this here is a take.   They also must have been playing coy looking towards their 2021 week 9 matchup with the Patriots.   

Aug 16 2019

That would assume he tossed his flag in like a tenth of a second?

Aug 16 2019

God I hope the Saints get fucked by one of these this season.  

Aug 13 2019

You know the barstool dudes are showing up when you start seeing the word literally in every sentence even though they clearly have no idea what that word means.

Aug 2 2019

Griffin was on the Woj pod a few weeks back telling the same story, and the way he told it there for sure made it sound like he had no ill will or anything to Lebron and completely understood everything that came along with having Lebron on his team and was pretty grateful for having the best player in the league on Read more

Jul 29 2019

Dated, I know, but I always like to have an excuse to remind people of perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever read: Read more

Jul 25 2019

I’ve been trying to decide which of those two missed kicks was worse, double doink or the Vikings/Seahawks game. Now the Vikings miss was what, like a 22 yarder? But it was something like 40 below that day, so that’s gonna be an adventure anyway. But still a 22 yarder... That’s rough. With the double doink, besides Read more

Jul 23 2019

Pascal Siakam? Joel Embiid? Rudy Gobert? Though I feel like you’re probably talking about a very specific kind of foreign born NBA player.... Hows about this: