Feb 25

Well then isn’t it right as rain that there are billions of people on the planet and plenty of us are ready, willing, and able to pick up your slack?

Feb 7

i personally think that burger looks disgusting

Feb 7

Stop lecturing people. You are in no position to do that. Thats pure entitlement. Do your job and be a journalist. As if you ever were one.

Jan 6

Funny that this doesn’t mention the largest reason: there are a lot of people outright looking for things that can be deliberately taken out of context and misconstrued to say they’re offended and thus show how much they hate witches. Probably the nastiest part is that they’ll all glom on to the attack and accuse Read more

Jan 4

Let’s not forget, you’re outraged at JK Rowling for having the sheer audacity to only agree with 95% of the trans rights activism. Read more

Nov 19

Thank you. While I appreciate what I’m going to take as a good faith attempt at a sincere apology, please know that I can see the comments you make elsewhere on our sister sites and they’re not that nice. I hope you sustain this energy here and carry it with you no matter who’s piece you’re commenting on.

Feb 4 2020

so some suckers make poor financial decisions, and a business makes money of it. suckers then complain to internet, then lawyers make money off it. sounds about right

Sep 18 2019

i think he needs to leave koln. i agree he has dipped these past 2 years. i think he realized he stuck on a badly run team who sells their only goalscorer and don’t replace him. i think they went from like 5th one year to relegation the next. Read more

Sep 8 2019

The GOAT in womens tennis, Steffi Graf, would have been humble in defeat and not ruin Andreescus triumph by saying she played her worst tennis... You cant buy class, Serrena

Aug 18 2019

Im gonna guess yes. Mothers in these situations aren’t always reasonable, which is easy to understand. I’ve seen worse examples, Ann West of the Moors Murders case was so blinded by rage she assaulted family members of her daughters killers.  This stuff gets ugly.

Aug 17 2019

Please notice the opening credits... it says based on the book from JOHN E DOUGLAS.  It's hard to miss.

Aug 17 2019

I did but will again. No John E Douglas, no Will Graham. Thomas Harris has repeatedly said he was the inspiration. 

Aug 16 2019

the FBI’s most special boy, who appears to be evolving into the Will Graham-type savant we so often (too often, if you ask me) see on serial-killer dramas. Read more

Aug 24 2015

I call bullshit on calling HR. Unless it’s sexual harassment, HR is borderline useless and will not keep anything confidential. Read more