Why Soldiers Carry Heavier Loads Than Ever Before, and How the Army Is Fighting to Fix It

Despite technological advances, the load ordinary soldiers carry in 2018 is probably greater than it’s ever been. The U.S. Army is hoping to help with that somewhat by introducing a new, lighter protective vest designed to stop bullets and shrapnel. The new Modular Scalable Vest weighs 20 percent less than previous…

The U.S. and China Are Canceling One Another’s Port Visits And It's A Bigger Deal Than You Think

Last week, China turned down a request for a U.S. Navy helicopter carrier to visit Hong Kong. And in May, the Chinese Navy was disinvited to this year’s RIMPAC exercises that attracted 25 countries from across the Asia-Pacific region. Both developments are pretty big deals in U.S.-China relations. Here’s why.