Kyle Kensing
Kyle Kensing is a freelance sports journalist in Southern California.
Apr 17 2019

All the “I don’t mind doing it for pennies because it’s a hobby” people are like the rich kids you knew in college who could afford to take the cool unpaid internships while you had to work an actual job. Companies need content and people to bring coffee and do scut work. They make money off the free work. If there Read more

Mar 29 2019

To anyone who’s fortunate enough to have never been in such a position: as soon as a regular paycheck starts getting delayed without a very good explanation, that’s a warning sign you’re about to stop getting checks altogether from that job.

Of course, some such companies pair that latter outcome with telling you that Read more

Mar 21 2019

“Great shooting, Fletcher Magee” sounds like a sarcastic insult from an archery festival.