Parquet Courts, Stephen Malkmus, and more albums to know about this week

Brooklyn quartet Parquet Courts harness their collective voice on Wide Awake!, while Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks reveal a little more of themselves on Sparkle Hard, and OOOOO & Islamiq Grrrls join forces for the intoxicating Faminine Mystique. These, plus GAS and Low Cut Connie in this week’s notable new releases.

David Bowie, The Monks, and Steve Reich were buried under one of rock’s biggest years

To commemorate 60 years of the Billboard Hot 100, Off The Charts revisits each year since it was established to spotlight songs and artists that didn’t make the cut, yet still made a significant impact. Years are chosen randomly and—to make it even harder on ourselves—rules for inclusion are that neither the songs nor


Chaos reigns! Dial M For Maple wonders what’s next for a Riverdale under siege

Murder! Mayhem! Small Fry! All hell breaks loose on this week’s Riverdale, season two’s thrilling penultimate episode. Yes, it’s “Judgment Night,” folks, and everyone’s got tough decisions to make: Will Jughead play martyr? Can Betty bear to sit through her dad’s weird home movies? What color cape should Cheryl wear…

Guffaws, chuckles, or titters? Decoder Ring reveals the hidden artistry and human hand behind TV laugh tracks

Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, and Janet Wang get together every week to discuss their careers, personal lives, and everything else modern Asian-American women experience. This week is all about first dates: dos and don’ts, dealbreakers, the best and worst places to meet, and more. The trio share real-life stories about…