Stranger Things 2 keeps its “strong female characters” apart from one another, like every Hollywood genre property

One feminist sound bite that has emerged loud and clear over the past few years is that genre stories need more “strong female characters.” And that’s true. According to one 2017 study of 900 top films, “there were on average 2.3 male characters for every woman, with no meaningful change from 2007 to 2016.” But as

The unpredictable Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri pits Frances McDormand against the world

On a lonely backstretch of road largely unused since the highway was built, a message appears in big black letters, spread across three bright red canvases. “Raped While Dying,” the first reads. “And Still No Arrests?” goes the second. And finally: “How Come, Chief Willoughby?” This is the doing of one Mildred Hayes…

Our 5 most burning questions after finishing Stranger Things 2

For the first week or so after Stranger Things 2 debuted on Netflix, conversation about the show around The A.V. Club offices was a delicate dance: Two steps toward discussing the new season of the supernatural throwback, one step back toward the mindfulness that some of our co-workers weren’t totally caught up with…


The 16 most-anticipated albums of November

As 2017 winds to a close, after a year that’s seen the release of thousands of albums—an unusually large number of which are quite good!—it seems almost unthinkable that November would still have more to give. But with new records from the likes of Björk, Angel Olsen, Shamir, Sharon Jones, and more still in the…