Since How to Keep Your Wife From Hating You After Kids Doesn't Exist, Jancee Dunn's New Book Will Do Fine

I am a graduate student in sociology, and I have a lot of reading to do, all of the time. Since I started my PhD last year, I haven’t touched a book of my own choosing; I can barely keep up with what my university pays me to read. So it’s saying something that, when I heard about Jancee Dunn’s new book How Not to Hate


It's a Lot More Fun to Play Make-Believe With Your Kids If You're Slightly High on Weed 

I’ll never forget a dad I saw one of the first times I ever took my toddler to a playground. As I nervously followed my son around, this dad and his daughter—she must have been around six—were engaged in a completely immersive game of make-believe. They were running around, hiding behind stuff, shouting code words and…