6/07/21 4:36PM

I love how the article tries to insinuate that it was terrible that she took a week to respond to this manufactured controversy. Y’all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

5/26/21 5:45PM

The fact that a bit of hyperbole, said to a ref while trying to illustrate the size difference between two players, has been made into a scandal gives another reason for people to think the WNBA is a joke.

5/18/21 6:09PM

Tow it around in a Radio Flyer wagon?

5/17/21 1:59PM

I wonder if the humans that are part animal taste different.

5/13/21 3:12PM

WOW, You’re really gonna drag the good name of shrimp boat sludge AND cheerleading boots that low? Disgraceful.

5/09/21 7:07AM

If they are being mounted in the middle of Central Park then clearly privacy is the last thing they want.  Accept people’s kink.

5/06/21 11:57AM

I had the same thought since Jan. They are steadily amping up the rhetoric just to see what they can get away with and/or provoke folks. It lends itself to the whole “race war” that their slack-jawed tornado bait constituency continue to get moist about.

3/22/21 12:34PM

Came here to read about one of the few decent shows on HGTV. Comments full of people shitting on the South. Y'all are a consistent bunch of assholes. 

3/09/21 4:40PM

Finally, he will no longer be dogged by claims that he’s not a Real Gamer

3/06/21 6:25AM

“Recreational Meat” makes me think of a buddy of mine that is on a strict keto diet. Every weekend he fires up his grill/smoker to prepare an assortment of meats for his family for the week. While preparing those items he’ll toss a few sausages or a steak on it to eat along the way, and will tell me to stop for a bite Read more

2/18/21 5:15PM

And then the sequel had Sindel, and it was glorious in its awfulness