Apr 14

Fuck man do you seriously not understand it after the eloquent explanation Hayden offered above or are you trolling us?

Apr 14

NO ONE should be using this word yet we reward some people with million of dollars for the continued use and distribution of this word. Read more

Dec 16

Spykers are crude basic forms with a lot of “fancy” details embedded in them. Taken individually, some of them are kind of neat, but as a whole it’s a mess.  Pagani is similar though executed better.  There’s just too many things screaming for attention and the basics suffer. 

Oct 24 2019

Typical GM quality, they probably inserted one and it fell off on the way to the ad getting printed.

Jun 26 2019

I won’t... I worked for FCA in marketing. I got these things for free and couldn’t give them back fast enough. Horrid to drive, horrid to live with, everyone thinks you’re an asshole. Nuh uh... Matter of fact the only cars I liked getting from them were Ram Laramie’s and 500 Abarths. The rest is complete trash. Read more

May 16 2019

There once was a man called Fitzgibbon
Who car was too low to be driven
He complained to the town
Was met with a frown
And now he can’t make a livin!

Mar 18 2019

Why would a NASA engineer/astronaut know what some guy in a tinfoil hat thinks?

Jul 11 2017

They told him to land on Runway 28A, but the pilot thought they told him to land on “28, eh.”