Kevin Pang
Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.

Hey, a member of the old crew! Good to see your name again, you magnificent bastard! Read more

KEVIN!!!! Squeee! See I come to The Takeout to get away from shitty news and read about things like Bagel Bite dog pants and other things that make me happy. So seeing OG editors/writers pop up in comments like this just makes me happy. Especially since I seem to have been stood up by a recruiter call and just got Read more

Damn, the vicarious joy I’m getting from that ownage is indescribable. Read more

Ccongrats on ATK! And the weight loss! Read more

Totally off topic, but for those wondering what Kevin Pang is up to, this is a piece he published today on losing weight which also mentions his new job: Read more

It Pangs me to say this, but we all kinda missed you.
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I really like the section where you point out the contradiction in her writing — the way, as you put it, that she expressed her opinions as the gospel truth but then could also write “However much we roam, we shall not be able to say we have tracked down the origin of Italy’s greatest cooking. It is not in the north, Read more

Classics has been one of my most often used cookbooks for more than a decade. I was planning on using it tonight. The recipes are good because you can combine them, like when I will be layering a couple of the sauces in there with homemade pasta to make lasagna. Read more

Welcome back! Among others from the book, I’ve used Ms. Hazan’s ragu bolognese recipe for maybe 20 years, to the point where that’s the page the book automatically opens to. Normally, after a few times running a recipe as written, i start to modify — for years, my modifications paled in comparison to the original dish. Read more

It’s funny because I’m not a huge fan of recipes with very spartan instructions, and here’s why: If something goes “wrong”, or at least “not the way I was expecting it to”, I usually get panicky and try to do an emergency correction. Unfortunately, my “emergency correction” tends to be entirely incorrect (see: my Read more


Hello Kevin! Hope you and your wife are well! Read more

I wonder if that’s a sign of the times. I bet when this book and it’s contemporaries were written, a lot more people had basic culinary knowledge compared to today’s youts; They didn’t need to be told what setting to put the stove on to boil water.
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