Kevin Draper
Reporter at the New York Times

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Nov 4

Istvan, I know you are not responsible for this particular decision, but please let your bosses know that this is a bad idea and bound to backfire. You could have contained users’ frustrations to these user sites; now you should expect these frustrations to continue to appear on comments on writers’ stories. Unless Read more

Nov 4

so the idiots that run this company, rather than receive just criticism for pile driving a successful and popular blog into the ground, are disabling comments on every website forever? extremely smart and good ownership. 

Jan 22 2019

Not being sarcastic, this is easily the best FunBag ever written. I hope Drew thinks WWKDD? at least a few times when he comes back. That Poop email killed me.

Jan 22 2019

To Kevin: If you want to appear knowledgeable about sports for minimal effort, you could pick a sport that you find interesting that is popular internationally but lesser-known in the U.S. Read more

Jan 22 2019

Born and raised Arizonan and oh man you barely scratched the surface. We didn’t even get to all the Militia-Wingnuts in the northwest corner of the state, the fundamentalist compounds full of all manner of unsavory shit (Sister-wives ahoy), the batshit gun culture, and that every other year or so the State Legislature Read more

Jan 22 2019

He’s not in a union. He can carry the ball as many times as we want him to.—John McKay, inventor of Student Body Right Read more

Jan 22 2019

I distinctly remember watching the Eagles play the Bears at the peak of Walter Payton’s power. The Bears ran “student body left” and “student body right” over and over again—Payton would go to whatever side, pick a hole, and gain at least five yards every play.

Jan 22 2019

You can just be you and not know anything about sports, Kevin, if you really want to Read more

Dec 4 2018

To be clear: Yes, Hunt committed assault, not domestic abuse. But, the Jovan Belcher murder/suicide absolutely informed the actions of the Chiefs. Both can be true.

Nov 29 2018

Trusted Access User, Team Brand Manager, Team Brand Director... this proliferation of titles is similar to how a pyramid scheme works. The schmucks at the bottom put all the work/money in, while the folks at the top reap the rewards.

Oct 16 2018

I’m not going to lie, I’m too high for this whole post but I did look at the pictures (some of which were moving) and some of the words. I have predictions: Read more