Kevin Draper
Reporter at the New York Times

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Mar 26 2019

Surender Nada highly overrated as a one seed. He is definitely going to get taken down by Dr. Trent Artichoker in the next round, or Donald Bullcoming in the Sweet Sixteen. 

Jan 22 2019

Big Hunt is too loud for the old folks I was with. I think it was James Hoban’s Irish? 

Dec 28 2018

I’ve seen Deadspin compared to a lot of things in my day, but Megan’s dad comparing it to People is the most brutal assessment yet. 

Oct 8 2018

Good to check back in and see that Deadspin soccer commenters are as worthless as ever! 

Jul 6 2018

Everyone that contributed is just as bad as Sameer Deen because they didn’t mention a single Tim Duncan blog. 

Jul 2 2018

National teams get like 4 days of practice together all year; the closest they get to mapping out specific plays is for set pieces, not for counter-attacks that would be entirely dependent upon having specific personnel on the field, including at least one substitute. Read more