Jun 2

Really dismayed at the reaction to this so far, at least here in the comments. You shouldn’t just tune out tough conversations, corporate bandwagoning or not. If video games matter as a medium or as an art, if they are more than just toys, then they need to be a part of the conversation as well. If you’re getting Read more

Oct 14 2019

“Although some people like to brag about America’s freedom of speech, there’s a lot of topics that are actually quite tightly censored – if you say one thing that goes against the politically correct line, you will immediately lose your job and be scorned by the entire population.”  Read more

Sep 16 2019

No thanks. Personally, I’m really tired of your faux-self-referential shtick that borders on sexual harassment and boils down to nothing more than ‘hur hur, it’s a big penis, hur!’ whenever there’s a tragedy of some kind.