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Snakehead fish are terrifying. A few years back, a friend of mine agreed to go to someone’s apartment to feed their fish while they were gone. I went along, thinking I’d see something pretty or exotic. NOPE. My friend opened the top of the aquarium and the fucking thing JUMPED OUT and started slithering around on the Read more

4:45 PM

Mine told me that I was a renter/tenant (true!) and also that I’m also suspected of a criminal offense I won’t list here (not true, but good to know!)

12:15 PM

I watched parts of this live, and it was far more dramatic than implied here.

12:35 PM
16 the end of her reign she no longer was having an affair with Potemkin. He was very wily and kept himself close to her side by steering beautiful young (adult) men her way, knowing she rewarded them with manors and serfs (and taking a cut from said grateful young men.) He knew she’d tire of him sexually so he Read more

12:12 PM

For those film fans who are interested, two great Catherines - both worth seeing; both very high style - were Marlene Dietrich in The Scarlet Empress and Elisabeth Bergner in The Rise of Catherine the Great (both 1934).

12:07 PM

SNL blocked this on youtube but you know what it is, and its Fantastic!

2:23 PM

60 Minutes Australia is trash. It used to be more like the US one, but for proper journalism you gotta watch the ABC or SBS. (Aussie version of the BBC.) Or just read The Guardian.

1:57 PM

I grew up in Australia, and there was a time, especially in the 1980s, when the Aussie 60 Minutes was a respected current affairs program, with some excellent journalists doing some good investigative reporting. There was always some fluff, but the good generally outweighed the bad. Now it’s trash, and it has been for Read more

12:17 PM

What gets me is that there is a Royal who has convorted with an actual pedophile and may have done so himself, but yes, let’s have two embittered women snipe about Meghan “I glow with happiness’ Markle.

1:14 PM

Shipworms are a type of mollusk- think clams, octopus, snails- that eat wood submerged in seawater. If a wooden wreck is partially or totally submerged in silt or mud, that makes it harder for the mollusks to access the wood. Additionally, a mud-bound wooden wreck, or one submerged in very cold depths or at cold Read more

8:38 PM

I have a personal experience with these clinics-they are absolutely hateful with the rhetoric they spew. Read more

12:53 PM

Large department stores in Europe were deliberately designed to be opulent palaces of consumerism to attract the New Money filtering down through the classes. Affordable luxury takes many faces. I love how society begrudgingly quits harassing women when said women are spending enough money.

2:18 PM

You have left out the best of all versions, with Eve Plumb, Susan Dey, Meredith Baxter, and, of course, William Shatner:

8:38 PM

A wonderful, lyrical article. But so many commenters sharing a clueless indifference to JFK Jr! Although I was too young to appreciate much about the politics I was not immune, like apparently so many others, to his hypnotic beauty. And isn’t that what these tabloid narratives are about, in the end? The reckless,

5:01 PM

I’m a bit too young to care about the Camelot mystique myself, but I remember feeling really sad when this happened, not because of JFK Jr. himself but because of the grieving Kennedy family, who had already been through so much, and because of the Bessettes, who lost two of their daughters in one day. Unimaginable. Read more

3:00 PM

What is the average age of the readership of this site? I ask because this is one of those times where I’m genuinely curious about how many of the regular readers have any actual memories of the thing being discussed. I mean, who here so much as remembers the hysteria surrounding his death (wasn’t he also an Read more