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One worth mentioning, and a double helping of the romance is Ethel Merman’s It’s not Ruritania but Lichtenburg. Speaking from the UK having an Ambassador who can put on a show at the drop of a hat seems strange, but US Ambassadors seem to always have been a strange

1:17 PM

Also Phillip Pullman’s YA novel The Tin Princess, a spin-off of his Sally Lockhart novels, in which a Cockney woman is crowned princess, then queen, of Razkavia (high in the mountains of Central Europe), where everyone speaks German and/or English.

12:06 PM

Fun discussion. An unmentioned Ruritanian fantasy film: The Prince and The Showgirl (1957), in which earthy American dancer Marilyn Monroe gets caught up with stuffy Ruritanian prince Laurence Olivier. This falls squarely into the post-war ‘American girl conquers stuffy mitteleuropean guy’ oeuvre and is an absolute

11:53 AM

I was deeply, deeply in love with the Cat Who series when I was in junior high and high school. Maybe I should pick one up for the upcoming holiday. Thanks for the reminder!

11:35 AM

I write cozies.

Kokoandyumyum, my fake name here is in fact for Koko and Yum Yum the Siamese cats in the Cat Who series. :D I reread them every year.

It is one of my favorites, but maybe not my most favorite mystery series.

I am currently madly in love with Hamish MacBeth from the genius that is MC Beaton—she has a cat Read more

11:06 AM

Anyone want to name their favorite mystery series, cozy or otherwise? 

6:18 PM

If you want to be more upset, I’m here to tell you that this is clearly a 16th or 17th century map that is not listing nations, but rather regions and tribes denoted in classical texts from ancient Rome. Note that southern Italy is identified as “Magna Graecia,” the Latin name for the region colonized by the Greeks Read more

5:03 PM

There is, I believe, a brief mention of Aldovia in The Christmas Knight film, meaning that also takes place in the same shared universe. Which also means that Vanessa Hudgens has played 3 identical characters that all exist in the same universe at the same time

2:47 PM

Belgravia existing on this map is much, much more disturbing than even the basic scariness of a Netflix Cinematic Christmas Universe. Vanessa Hudgens quite literally watches ‘The Christmas Prince' on Netflix in Belgravia! Are we meant to believe it's an in-universe DOCUMENTARY???

2:24 PM

I was thinking about watching some of these movies over the holidays (I really only like bad Christmas movies,) but now I’m not sure. The way they mangled Twin Cities geography in Jingle All The Way fucked me up enough, seeing this may send me into a panic attack. Read more

2:20 PM

So, we’re not dealing with a world where a portion of some nothing-ass German principality smaller than the suburbs of Cleveland inexplicably survived the last 300 years.

2:05 PM

This rant sounds like me getting really angry while watching Paw Patrol with my 3 year old. Seriously, how is the Paw Patrol funded? I mean, I can look past the talking dogs, but what I can’t look past is the massive cost of having a team of specially trained rescue dogs on call 24 hours a day. The Paw Patrol has some Read more

1:44 PM

Definitely looks like Alternate-Austro-Hungarian Empire that just never fell at the end of World War I. Which would make the Prince an alterna-Habsburg! Read more

2:25 PM

I once had possession of a full length silk robe that was LINED with real chinchilla. Completely lined from head to toe. It was a really rich shade of reddish purple and had a twisted and coiled silk belt. Read more

6:57 PM

Wait, I beat the Jenner/Kardashians to a trend, wah?! I bought my pre-lit pink tree last year after passing a store with one out front while on the bus in The Mission District in San Francisco and knowing it was just that time in my life. It’s a bit more bubble gum pink than the ones above which I think works well Read more

4:26 PM

A hundred bucks is overcharging since those preinstalled lights burn out after one season. Wait until after the holidays and pick one up cheap for next year.