Kate Bernot
Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

Nope, just popping in with the occasional article about diabolical penguins.

That’s what I was getting at, actually, because in my remembrance, those Secret ads ran around the same time the Bud Ice penguin ones, did. The 90s, man.

Thanks! Honestly, I’m not sure about the percentage that’s frozen off. (Or how much that’s even a real part of the process, frankly.) 

I remember Cape May Brewing! (Being from NJ, but the northern part, I have a soft spot for Garden State breweries.) They made a funnel cake beer a while back? 

This was.... a rollercoaster. I’m just glad you like the cookies.

[extremely casino lounge comedian voice] Hey everybody, great to be back. 

Good to be back! Best beer in my fridge currently is Jack’s Abby Shipping Out Of Boston amber lager. What are you digging lately?

The cake seems like both an afterthought and overkill in that scenario.

That is my kind of etiquette.

It’s good to be “back.” 

We’re good! It’s nice to be lounging back here in the cozy comments section. Chickens are doing well; they’re laying plenty of eggs now that the days are longer.

I’ll never be able to make spritzgebäck like my Oma does.

I’m definitely not tearing up in an airport bar right now, nope. 

Yours in writing “while trace diacetyl is to style…”

The quiet ones are my people. Thanks for reading :) 

Here’s hoping our paths cross in a Yakima hop field some day!

What a series of Ups & Downs. Thanks for everything!

I’m jumping into that full freelance life! I’ll be reporting even more on the beer world, it seems.

If this is my only legacy, I’m good with that.