Katy Kelleher
6:26 PM

@netfe: Haha, so she did! That girl has some big shoes to fill, but thank you (and all you other awesome commenters) for the support!

12:25 PM

@contropercial: The headline is a joke. The study we are commenting on is real. This was not intended to be read as a serious dieting tip but a comment on the "miracle weight-loss!" absurdity. Apologies for not making this more clear.

11:12 AM

@doit2julia: To be fair, the two articles you brought up were written by two different people. I don't think what Benaissa did was excusable, but I think there is a more interesting story here than just "throw her in jail and move on." I think the same would be true of a man who infected his partners with HIV - Read more

5:37 PM

@Pandorasvoicebox: After reading your comments, we decided to take out the calorie count and just leave a list of what she ate. Apologies for posting something that could be triggering.

1:56 PM

@stoprobbers: The line about his career was a joke, which was clearly not received very well (as evidenced by your comment and several others). I do know who Jeffrey Steingarten is, mainly because I am a fan of Iron Chef. The comment about his career was meant to respond to the idea that this was a "perilous Read more

2:24 PM

@Eldritch: I'll accept stories about stupid things you've done just for a hookup. Plus, it doesn't need to result in sex, just have sexual activity as the motivating factor.

9:19 AM

@t-yo3: Whoops! Though you are not wrong about Aishwarya, that was a mistake. I've since added a caption.

4:49 PM

@sgtred: For the record, I like Megan Fox. I also happened to notice that she began a surprising number of sentences with the words "I hate..." in one relatively short interview. I don't think commenting on this observation - or pulling direct quotes from Fox - counts as "bashing."

4:13 PM

@westvillagegirl (exiled in chicago): Hah, whoops! I got a small black anchor on the inside of my arm near my wrist. I went through a rough time a couple months back, and I promised myself that when I got through it, I would get a tattoo as a reminder of sorts. Yesterday seemed like a good time to finally get it Read more

4:49 PM

@WinterSquirrel: I grew up outside Boston, and there was no "One Kid." My parents were like this, as were a good portion of my friend's parents. We all occasionally smoked with their parents, uncles, aunts, etc, etc. It was not considered weird in the least - I, too, grew up thinking pot was relatively normal and Read more