5/19/20 3:18PM

I fucking LOVE Bram Stoker’s Dracula, despite how campy and ridiculous it is (maybe because of, come to think of it). Gary Oldman’s performance is my favorite thing about the movie. I’m sure most millennials would say it’s utter trash and not be able to truly appreciate it for what it is.

3/30/20 9:22PM

Boy Mama is the DUMBEST influencer branding I’ve ever seen. 

3/30/20 2:53AM

At a certain point people have to take some personal responsibility. I have empathy, but I’m saving it for the townspeople who have been endangered. If Falwell behaves like a dumbass, I’m sure he’d prefer we just call him a dumbass, since he's against politically correctness.

3/30/20 1:10AM

I am getting so tired of this bullshit conservatives are doing to try and deflect this to New York and other “blue” states.  I’m mad because it’s such an incredibly short-term political deflection because it is clear that virus was already there.  These red states trying to push this bullshit narrative are going to Read more

3/29/20 11:13PM

Maybe it’s a good thing that he won’t end up at a trash school run by a religious flim-flam man.

3/29/20 10:32PM

This motherfucker needs to be sued into the ground, and after some thorough disinfection that fuckwad college needs to become an LGBTQ-safe arts academy or something. Read more

3/26/20 4:45PM

Going on record to say that the name Ainsley is the whitest name I have ever heard.

2/27/20 11:29AM

From what I’ve seen, heard and read, it seems like both Johnny and Amber are thoroughly awful people, which is why the only solution here is: Cage Match.  

2/26/20 11:02AM

Did they hand write that letter? Because if Brother Jacob here knew about the internet and it’s many, many offerings, I doubt he would be able to type out an email only using his non-dominate hand.

12/28/19 6:52PM

Being against racism isn’t a political issue numbnuts, so it’s not “politically correct.” It’s just CORRECT. Vaccinate your kids, the Earth isn’t flat, and racism is bad, these are concepts anyone with two working brain cells should be able to figure out.

12/28/19 4:17PM

I remember when the whole “nappy-headed hos” comment happened. It was fascinating to see the blowback because honestly up until then (2007) it seemed like something someone could get away with saying in public/on air. It was one of those moments where it seemed like the broader culture kind of agreed that, no, in Read more