Feb 26

Michael W. Smith’s Christmas albums are... upsettingly astounding.

Feb 22

She’s really been having a career renaissance. And I love it.

Dec 29

wow! A thread with my people! Military brat here too. I loved moving around as a kid and into early adulthood, but I never have a good answer to that question and I definitely don’t feel like I have any “roots” anywhere. I’ve been in Dallas for over 7 years now, but feel literally no attachment to it whatsoever. It’s Read more

Oct 27

Seriously. No celeb can do right in Jezebel’s eyes talking about politics. Pratt donates to Democrats in the past and gets called a Republican. Jennifer Lawrence talks about transitioning from Repub to Dem and gets shit on. Aniston encourages people to vote and even that get snark. It’s honestly getting a little sad Read more

Oct 2

Its QUITE a relief to see the majority of commenters on this story agree that the students may not be entirely justified in their outrage. It’s really weird that they claimed their “personal feelings” meant they wouldnt change “murder” to “kill.” Ok then, you’re not a journalist, you’re an op-ed writer. Stories like Read more

Sep 24

Isn’t it interesting that when things are going TOO good we can self-sabotage purely for that reason alone? I often find myself feeling very happy and content and than struck by anxiety simply BECAUSE I’m happy and content and that must mean something bad is just around the corner. Our brains are so weird.

Sep 23

Yeah, I lost over 100 lbs and it was truly a mindfuck. No one really talks about that side of it.

Sep 23

Same! And all the articles I clicked through to didn’t have them either!

Sep 23

I experienced this IRL recently. My partner and I stayed at a airbnb in Hill Country Texas owned by a woman who was into ALLL this stuff. I knew the second I walked into her house dripping with essential oils and saw a huge cutout of her face with her available services “past & future life readings/ tarot cards / Read more

Sep 17

This is the right take! The “I have it pretty good so why should I complain?” thought process kept me from therapy til I was 28 years old, and does the same for lots of other people. Not to mention that alongside these lifestyle pieces, the New York Times has had some of the most sincere, premiere coverage of the Read more

Sep 4

This latest story feels so much wilder and weirder than most because of her Medium post. It was EXTREMELY troubling to read. I’m torn between my natural anger at her exploitation of a background that wasn’t hers and that she used it to elevate herself, her work, and more than likely benefited through programs and Read more

Sep 4

Yeah. I feel pretty numb to most news these days, but that one has been under my skin all day.

Aug 17

I was OBSESSED with her in The Night Manager.

Jul 29

So the headline is actually “Business Owner Receives PPP And Keeps 25 Jobs”. 

Jul 28

Yeah. The “treated better” example was really, REALLY poor and honestly baffled me. If you’re going to comment on race, try to make it a little more nuanced. Especially when we all watched Britney and Amanda go through hell in real time.