Katie Rife
Jul 10

Hey now, don’t be blaming the Satan worshippers for this. They are very pro science.

Jul 1

In the video, Maggie is wearing a Mets shirt (which is technically classified as a Confederate monument because it celebrates a “lost cause”)

Jun 11

NASCAR driver Ray Ciccarelli, who’s so incensed by this politically correct bullshit that he’s taking his bigoted ball and going home. Read more

May 21

Sselleck already handled himself against killer robots , he’ll be fine..

May 18

I’m gonna go with he thinks he’s taking it but it’s a box of tic tacs with “HYDROCKSYCLOROKWIN” written on it in Sharpie.

May 18

$50 says he’s lying about taking it, just like he lies about everything else. 

May 6

The highlight for me was Nadja and Nandor flying at each other in rage, only to sink back down onto their respective couches. 

Apr 10

“Hausu” is batshit crazy and a whole lot of fun.

Feb 12

*sees headline with ‘Willem Dafoe,’ ‘rubber overalls’* FUCK YES RANDOM ROLES COVERING STREETS OF FIRE! Read more

Feb 3

I heard her on the Filmmaker Toolkit podcast this weekend, and it was great to hear her talk about the movie (and movies) with a lot of joy and appreciation. I didn’t hear any ego coming through, even though she’s THELMA SCHOONMAKER.

Jan 23

At the end you mention Queer Eye. Every time my wife and I watch it, I remark to her that Bobby basically does a complete “Fixer Upper” episode over the span of like 5 minutes of screen time. Definitely the MVP of that show. 

Jan 23

In retrospect, whatever poor teenager was in the Chuck E Cheese suit should have beaten my bitch ass 

Jan 22

Speaking as someone who worked at a job where I had to dress as a costumed mascot: if he did it, I get where he’s coming from.

Jan 22

Until it's proven otherwise, I'm gonna assume the kid was at least fash-adjacent

Dec 4

My recommendation for Holiday gift giving is World Peace and Unbridled Joy and they can be had for the sale price of $25.* Read more

Nov 18

Since we’ve seen another character of Yoda’s species — Yaddle, a background character from the prequels — I recommend we call this baby, this cutie-patootie, the only thing we can: Yogurt. Read more

Sep 12 2018

You don’t have to say “gin martini,” because gin is the default; it’s the vodka-preferrers who should have to specify “vodka martini” and who are just plain wrong to have a problem being served gin if they just say “martini.” Read more