Katie Rife
Apr 14

was really hoping this pandemic would break us out of the current insane trajectory our country and global society was on. all that’s gone. i really see no hope for addressing climate change, no hope in addressing income inequality, no hope in addressing political corruption. it’s done. i feel jaded and hopeless about Read more

Mar 25

He just sounds so mean. Like really? You wouldn’t leave your kid in her care, just because she’s fat?? I fucking hate people like this. They can’t see beyond people’s weight.

Mar 3

They are prosperity Christians. They believe that they are entitled to rule the world.

Mar 1

Evangelicals are a cult. I’m former Southern Baptist, and I can absolutely see it, even in the most “benign” of churches and denominations. More importantly, religious fundamentalism fosters certain mindsets that gets extended into other aspects of life, like: Read more

Mar 1

I think an essential component of the alt-right is The Basic Instinct Defense: “I’d have to be pretty stupid to be caught doing this thing I’m obviously doing and I’m not stupid so you can’t catch me!”

Mar 1

I had seen the initial pic of them rolling the statue in on Friday, but somehow missed this one over the weekend. They are LITERALLY worshipping an idol. I mean, I just can’t. Read more

Feb 16

Nice write up, I particularly appreciate the history, including of the sadly predictable actions of the medical community. I personally find it easy to take a “two things” tact in watching Silence. That ease is a mark of my own privilege and it’s completely understandable someone whose life has been negatively Read more

Feb 15

Please tell me when that was - or was that when only one identity really 'mattered'?

Feb 15

Some of you need to realize that sometimes you can just shut up and respect someone’s opinion, especially if they are much closer to the experience. I might have quibbles with this and I might love Silence to death, but maybe respect a trans person’s views on trans issues and just shut up.

Feb 15

I think that’s bit rough. It’s an opinion piece by someone who’s life was directly and negatively affected by this film.

Feb 15

I have a very close trans friend and pretty soon after her coming out we were having a random conversation where she mentioned that she didn’t like movies like Lambs and Psycho — not even that they weren’t good movies, just that she finds a problem with their equation of psychopathy with gender non-conforming Read more

Feb 7

People getting the vapors over guitar smashing is truly baffling, considering how common it was when these old people were younger. What happens to old people that makes them like that? Is it some societal thing, or do their brains change? Help me, I’m over thirty and I want to know before it happens to me.

Sep 18

Flannels. The versatile, always stylish, unbuttoned or buttoned, roll your sleeves up and pop your collar flannel. With colors to match every occasion, and the ability to be used for work or leisure, the flannel is a one size fits all must have item for any man or woman about town. 

Sep 14

My understanding is that British actors prefer doing southern accents to other American ones because those diverged less from the common dialectical ancestor.

Sep 14

this is kinda a hilariously British-casted movie, the accents are going to be buckwild.

Aug 27

why does everyone clutch their pearls when they see a c+? c+ isn’t really a bad review. sounds like i’ll enjoy most of it but it isn’t perfect...isn’t that kind of exactly right for a bill & ted movie?

Jul 10

Hey now, don’t be blaming the Satan worshippers for this. They are very pro science.