Katie Rife
11:18 AM

My recommendation for Holiday gift giving is World Peace and Unbridled Joy and they can be had for the sale price of $25.* Read more

11:41 AM

Since we’ve seen another character of Yoda’s species — Yaddle, a background character from the prequels — I recommend we call this baby, this cutie-patootie, the only thing we can: Yogurt. Read more

9:54 AM

My question, during my first viewing of The Ring, was: What if you didn’t answer the phone after viewing the tape? Would they call back? What if you hadn’t paid the bill and your phone was disconnected? If the caller left a message on voice mail, would it still count and what if you didn’t check your messages?

5:12 PM

I read the piece, and looking at him spread his relentless positivity and love on the show, you’d never think he’d gone through such hardship and dark times in the past. It makes the way he turned his life around all the more impressive. He says his message with the book is that no one is ever too broken to be fixed. Read more

10:26 AM

Yeah. She doesn’t come off much better than Caroline. All in all, it just sounds like two self-absorbed young women making poor choices. I’m not sure what all the hype is about here.

12:01 PM

The Ghost in the Shell anime series once talked about a Stand Alone Complex. This was something that they defined as, "a copy without an original." This series came out in 2002, and here we are...

6:24 PM

“the town also recently renamed “an unmarked dirt roadway” near the ball “Weird Alley,” which is just delightful”

Someone worked hard to make that happen and I’m proud of them. 

1:20 PM

Growing up in NOLA, Cash Money was ubiquitous, and this article is speaking deep to my nostalgia in a way that few other 90's articles can. I’ve seen Juvenile and Mannie Fresh perform live SO MANY TIMES, and the day that I ran into Birdman at Walgreens is still seared into my memory as one of the great moments of my Read more

9:07 PM

You can also update the Anne Francis part. Anne Francis was a part of the “Get Christy Love” discussion in Reservoir Dogs. Someone (Mr Orange, I believe) mistakenly thinks Anne Francis played Christy Love, but he is quickly reminded that Francis played Honey West. And Mr Pink rather humorously adds that “Anne Francis Read more

10:30 AM

I’ve been looking forward to this. Lately I’m burned out on sci-fi/superhero movies. Don’t worry...that won’t last! But have been wanting something different.

10:13 PM

I ❤️ Katie!! I read your post, then watched. Glad I got to see this with a fresh perspective and no spoilers. Would not have known about the doc w/out your post. Gracias.

3:03 PM

“Also, it’s not sexist that I think that manipulative hussy wanted to kill the poor boy all along. Just look at her smug bitch face!”

5:37 PM

You don’t have to say “gin martini,” because gin is the default; it’s the vodka-preferrers who should have to specify “vodka martini” and who are just plain wrong to have a problem being served gin if they just say “martini.” Read more