The Star Wars: Episode IX wrap party featured a human disco ball and John Boyega singing Vanessa Carlton

Star Wars: Episode IX—We Still Don’t Have A Title Yet officially wrapped shooting this past Friday after nine long months, and that only means one thing: wrap party! And it was truly a wrap party: Episode IX marks the official end of the so-called “Skywalker saga,” completing the narrative arc that began with the…

Enraging and enlightening, Lorena finally puts Lorena Bobbitt at the center of her own story


“So many people think they know what they’d do” if they were the victim of domestic violence, National Network To End Domestic Violence president Kim Gandy says at one point in Lorena, Amazon Studios’ new four-part docuseries on the trial of Lorena Bobbitt. And we hear quite a few people, most of them male, say that

7 questions about Liam Neeson saying he wanted to “kill” a “black bastard” after a friend’s assault

Just in case you haven’t yet read The Independent’s new interview with Liam Neeson, here’s the gist: During a routine junket interview for his new movie Cold Pursuit, Neeson inexplicably decided to drop a jaw-dropping story about how, in some indeterminate point in the past, an unnamed woman he knew was sexually…