Katie McDonough
Senior editor, Jezebel
Nov 8

The problem with having to roast Katie is that she’s too damn nice and good to come up with something to roast her about, aside from her completely incorrect ranking of fruits. Clementines as #1? Hm. Read more

Oct 15 2019

Also, how is there a catalog of epic Kendall sadness without an entry in kitchen sadness? Two of Kendall’s lowest, saddest moments happened in kitchens this seasons (his mom’s kitchen and the waiter’s kitchen in S2E7)

Sep 19 2019

you know, katie, tom delonge is an actual goddamn human being, with agency, with thoughts, with dreams and the right be treated as such. Read more

Jun 11 2019

This is the only content I ever want and need.

May 1 2019

this is an incredible article and wonderful conversation. copied/pasted so many thoughts to look back at! thank you.

Apr 5 2019

I am not spending my twilight years dusting those figurines and arranging my sad old bones into those weirdly angled chairs. Would not!

Mar 5 2019

Congratulations on your new contract!

Mar 5 2019

I wondered why most of the writers had recently changed their avatars to “GMG UNION” — congrats on the new contract!

Feb 12 2019

I get that “fast food workers’ rights” is kind of a joke to a lot of people, but I think it’s very illustrative of the enormous erosion of workers’ rights and the value of labor in general. It’s kind of crazy to see the sometimes vicious responses to the minimum wage discussion. Read more

Feb 12 2019

Barf Bag is the absolute best descriptor for this post. I was initially thing Shit Sack or Clown Car, but to be honest, both those things are too good for the news found in here. Shit can at least be used as fertilizer, and clown cars are just benignly silly. Read more