Kara Brown
Senior Writer, Jezebel

I know you won’t see this, but you are a big deal to me and I’m happy for you.

Full sincerity here; we’ll miss you and your writing here. I’m continually sad to see so many brilliant writers leaving this place, but I understand. It’s tough watching this place get slowly defanged and made increasingly mainstream and Voxian, but damn if you all aren’t magnificent at what you do. Read more

*famous person says something fundamentally supportive in an imperfect way that is emblematic of a much larger problem: which is that white, cis, straight people refuse to recognize the spectrum, influence, and importance of queer history and culture.

Hey Kara and Kate, just wanted to say I’ve never watched an episode of this show, but I’ve been digging your recaps. This is the first time I’ve ever thought about flipping on an episode; sounds like there was a lot to process and think about. Read more

My mother does this to me too - calls me every time or texts “it’s urgent” and when I respond to her call in a panic, she just says “buy a lottery ticket. Trust me.” Read more

In these troubled times, our standards for “really smart” are as skewed as our standards for hot.

I’m loving all of these things and want to point out that, due to an ordering snafu, I own TWO of the Everlane navy shirt dresses. They are good medium-nice everyday dresses, if very boxy. Can’t wait to match, as Kara and Kate would say.

Woah this may be the most utterly humorless response I have ever seen  

You’re right. Kissinger’s ability to diss someone who is unfortunately relevant in a way we find momentarily entertaining as we all prepare for various dystopian fictions to manifest into our current reality also translates to complete forgiveness and unanimous approval for Henry Kissinger.

Or are we just saying ‘even Read more

How the hell did you get the impression Kara is white?

Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she (Kara Brown) isn’t white. But nice try.

If that backstory is true, I think the point is that we can sympathize with her on a human level- using some sort of delusion to protect her from a very harmful reality. I think we can even argue that she’s relied on those fantasies to empower her protect her brother and other people she cared about rather than Read more

How does that explain or justify her continued condescension to actual black people, or even begin to make sense of her continued pursuit of the white supremacy so accurately described above?

While I do think that’s​ a part of the story that should be discussed (because abuse fucks a person up), it’s not an excuse, and the two thinga aren’t mutually exclusive. That is to say, it doesn’t negate any of he conclusions made in the Stranger article (or elsewhere). Her shit is fucked up and not ok.

but but but the world can’t have TWO outstanding comedies written by, created by, and starring black women! That’s over-representation. We need that space in case some middle-aged white guy wants to play a schlubby manchild again!

This is an embarrassing look for you.