Kara Brown
Senior Writer, Jezebel

He’s black. We lied to everyone.

Finally, I can admit it.

Don’t worry about me.

LOOK AT THIS. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

That’s interesting and makes a lot of sense. I can also seeing keeping dudes around who you just like making out with while you decide between the two you actually feel strongly about.

Rachel didn’t phrase her comments the dumb way you did, and as you can clearly see in the tweet above, I did respond!

Sometimes it’s not about fucking achieving something. It’s about letting all the shit you have to carry around existing as a black person in a white space. Something you can’t possibly understand unless you’ve experienced it.

Are you white? Because this is a very white response.

And if that’s what he needed to feel better about the way he’d been treated, then so be it.

That’s exactly the kind of “rise above racism” shit white people spew to try to placate POC. Nah. Sometimes a racist needs to be dressed down. Read more

Just to be clear, when all things are not equal: I’d obviously marry Peter and never let him out of my sight.

I was not outraged! We have now all officially put too much time into thinking about this dumb joke.

Honestly, that may be it. I really just don’t get it.

Ya I mean, if you asked me to pick the dude most likely to be racist after these two episodes, it would obviously be this idiot.