Kamil Ahsan
Kamil Ahsan has a doctorate in biology from the University of Chicago, and is pursuing another in history at Yale. His work has appeared in The Nation, NPR, Los Angeles Review of Books, and more.
Dec 27

I agree, as much as I adore Florence Pugh, having her play a husky-voiced 12 year old was . . . a choice.

Dec 19

Agree that having two actresses play young and older Amy was the way to go (the 1994 version), Amy being 12 at the beginning of the book. The 1933 version with Joan Bennett is maybe the most ridiculous. Bennett was 24 (and pregnant IRL) and in no way passed for 12, yet the character was written as from the book. So a Read more

Oct 7 2019

Thing is, Dunst has ALWAYS been this good, in this many different ways. It’s like the industry periodically forgets what a monster talent she is and then discovers her all over again. Read more