Aug 13

REI in Seattle, Washington is selling their new headquarters building before they’ve even moved in (WSJ). Working from home is working for them and what offices they need will be in small buildings dispersed throughout the greater Seattle area. These corporate overlords are playing ball.

Aug 5

Can you tack the hotline paragraph to the bottom, please.

Aug 4

I’d rather a truth and reconciliation comission. God willing, all this will be over with someday and we’ll have a quarter-million dead Americans or so and an economy in ruins. That’s bad, but I don’t know how I’m ever going to take anyone who supported this belligerent moron seriously anymore, which is basically Read more

Jul 29

It’s interesting how some authors differ. Robin Hobb started her Elderlings series about the same time as Martin and wrote 16 books - 4 trilogies and one four book series, as well as an unrelated trilogy.

Nov 27

I don’t agree with Clarkson hating on Greta, but I think his message is valid. Why should we sit around and argue about how we are going to die and when we are going to die, instead of focusing on how to fix these issues? Read more

Nov 18

Please let him die on Christmas Day.

Oct 28

If this drowns out the clusterfuck year Activision-Blizzard has had I will be more disgusted than I already am. Seriously, fuck Activision’s executives

Oct 28

Looking forward to this pseudo-revival of really old school chunky pixel classics. I grabbed “The Way:Remastered” for my Switch and am loving it. If only more point-and-clicks and games of this type would release for consoles, I’d grab them all! Read more

Aug 12 2019

Man, I loved the Mirror’s Edge series and it bums me out that it’s almost certainly dead for good. Read more

Aug 7 2019

Yeah. I have a 2018 Touring 3.6R and the CVT is just fine — not a single complaint about its performance. In normal driving I wouldn’t be able to tell it from a “regular” automatic.

Jul 30 2019

Are we sure it’s because of the international economy rather than someone wanted the economy to get a boost ahead of elections?

Jul 10 2019

My first thought was “WTF were they thinking?!” Read more

May 9 2019

Fun fact: the AP style book specifically allows the use of “:(“ only when referring to the departure of a beloved president of Nintendo of America.

Apr 17 2019

The neat thing about this is it’s the opposite of black magic - it’s extremely easy to do and pretty straightforward. The hard part is just getting the idea.

Apr 17 2019

All this waxing on about the coolness of the 4Runner (the TRD/sport versions are the only good looking versions, that new chrome-laden front ends look terrible) and no mention of the fact that it’s one of the few (or actually, probably the only vehicle!) that has a roll down rear gate window! I’d kill for one in my Read more

Apr 17 2019

My high torque CVT in the 2018 3.6 Outback is smooth and silky and a pleasure to drive so far!

Apr 17 2019

Jesus, man. Can the hate on CVTs just end? Yes, they have been terrible in the past (my ‘13 Legacy has one and it’s a bit boring and rubber-bandy) but my 2018 3.6 Outback has the high-torque and it’s smooth as butter and has some great pep to it. They’re not all bad and have improved vastly. You could probably barely Read more