Oct 21

Your take is so wrong. For once GM has managed to create an aspirational vehicle. This will be the thing to have for internet influencers, athletes, macho celebrities, and people of means who like to show off. It is excessive, inefficient, and expensive, just like the other giant trucks that people are gobbling up Read more

Oct 20

This makes the cybertruck look like an angular silver turd

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Oct 9

I’m not saying that people would not benefit from Ramsey’s advice...my problem with Ramsey is that he makes blanket statements that are not helpful and/or he uses examples and “facts” that are just not true.  You can give people reasonable financial advice that is both helpful and factually correct. 

Oct 1

Yeah but even the later ones are pretty damn handsome. And it’s a trivial matter to make them performance machines (I think they handle very well for their age as-is).

Oct 1

They are? Nothing in this post or on their FB page indicates they’re selling this with batteries, controller, etc. Read more

Oct 1

Yeah, this definitely glossed over a lot of the complexities, but more importantly, a lot of the cost of going electric. Crate Electric motors are nothing new, Yamaha has an entire lineup of them. But electric swaps that have a useful range are hideously expensive.

Sep 25

Eye of the beholder and all, and I might be just a bit biased, but there’s no way that thing is better looking than this:

Sep 24

All great questions. This article should be a thought exercise along the lines of “what would happen if the ban went into effect tomorrow?”

Instead, we have from-the-hip word vomit with absolutely zero critical thought put into it. Like most things Raph and Erik spit out, this take seems to be nothing more than being Read more

Sep 24

Doing what they’re doing is a far more complicated policy decision than you’re identifying - with plenty of complications and problems that make 2035 an aggressive deadline. Just a few of them: Read more

Sep 18

Not the first time this has happened to Ford... at the Camaro launch, a reporter asked what the name Camaro meant. The answer: “It’s a small vicious animal that eats Mustangs.”

Sep 18

A T-Rex eating a Velociraptor is technically not cannibalism because they aren’t the same species.

Sep 18

Mahindra got a licence from Willys to build CJs in 1947 and that licence hasn’t expired; so it’s hardly an unashamed copy, FCA’s gripe was that they were selling them in the US.

Sep 16

It’s because Jalopnik, like the rest of this site, has unfortunately slid down into being political mouthpiece for extreme left views. Happened to the rest, jalop was just the last holdout

Sep 16

At this point I think GM could give all of you a billion dollars each and you’d find a way to shit on them for it. It would seem that Jalopnik has a culture problem when it comes to GM. They’ve been making big improvements all over the place and are by far the most focused on electrification of all the major Read more