Clever Words
Sep 10

This is largely what I’m looking for in a dual display phone. I want to run two apps simultaneously, not get a big, bendy screen. Or turn it sideways and get a keyboard with a screen above it. I think they’ve still got a ways to go before I plop down the money, but I hope this catches on. 

Sep 8

Medicine is technically expensive everywhere.  The difference is that most countries don’t make their citizens pay for it.

Sep 8


Sep 1

The books are superb, and will be monstrously difficult to film. Read more

Sep 1

“...indicating that it could end up being a multi-season story for the streaming platform.” Read more

Aug 27

Seems an odd choice that a device designed for taking notes and emulating a paper experience would sell the stylus separately. Who would buy one without the stylus?

Jul 21

I worked in the wireless industry for 17 years, and I can tell you a couple of things beyond a shadow of a doubt: First, telecom companies claim that they need the money they bring in to finance “innovation” of new, faster communication technology, when they don’t innovate anything themselves. They sell the phones Read more

Jul 21

They already do this. Every community which attempts to create community broadband on its own is assailed by the lobbying arms of the telecommunications industry throwing millions of dollars at it trying to convince the public to vote against it.
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Jun 26

You over-simplifying what Tonal does while exaggerating the capabilities of an iPhone. To say that a machine that offers quicker access to a wide range of exercise and resistance levels, provides workout videos/programs, and has a small footprint is just “providing utility for exercise”, but an iPhone that is a little Read more

Jun 1

Those good cops out there right now are the same police who look the other way at racism and extrajudicial killings. Read more

May 20

It went the same way as Avatar — it was a big deal, and then suddenly, poof. Read more

May 20

Flip side: can you imagine if COVID-19 had happened a few years back and we were still premiering Season 5 or so during the lockdown? Read more

May 19

I really wonder about the parents who named their daughters Khaleesi (including a little girl who is in my kids’ kindergarten class). I mean it would have already been problematic enough, “you were named for a character who was essentially sold to be a sex slave and raped at 13. Then she takes lessons from a Read more

May 14

They just need to weather her slightly less.

May 14

Yeah but...why, tho?

Furiosa is an amazing character, but 90% of why she worked and connected with audiences was because Charlize fucking kicks all the asses. She’s irreplaceable, so maybe don’t replace her.

May 4

But as Rob Bricken pointed out in his recap, it wasn’t very well-explained or justified. Read more

Mar 24

Yeah, nobody buys “smart monitors” for their computers. They let the computers handle that stuff. The same should go for televisions, buy them big and beautiful with the expectation that they will be around for a while. Get them connected to your home network with an inexpensive external device.

Mar 11

If they plan on being faithful to the books, I don’t know if they can find enough hairdressers to keep all the actors’ hairstyles in check with all the braid-pulling they’ll have to do.