Justin T. Westbrook
Staff Writer, Jalopnik
41 min ago

Depending on the weight of your child, LATCH alone isn’t sufficient for many forward-facing car seat installations. Using the seat belt is required to secure the car seat in those cases. At least, that’s been the case with the Chicco and Graco car seats we’ve owned over the last 7 years. Read more

10:00 PM

Is anyone else concerned about the long-term prospects of all of those wires strung over the glowing turbos?

3:26 PM

So could I buy one of these, dump an old truck cab and bed pulled out of a 50’s/60’s truck on top, and use the vin from the donor truck to register it? Can I have my cool electric rat rod truck mashup mess?

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11:20 AM

Justin wants fun things? In my working days I would try to find fun things to do by looking around wherever I was. For example, one day on my lunch hour I walked around the office and counted all the chairs. One day I counted how many people had pictures on their desks, another day counting colors. Soon I started a Read more

11:00 AM

Neutral: I went on a drive to a local tuning shop I’d heard of, but hadn’t yet seen in-person. Wandered around and chatted with the folks who work there, and then drove home and changed my oil. Sometimes just getting out and away from everyone for a bit is exactly what is needed.

10:57 AM

neutral: video games, escapism is the gold standard when things get shitty, played through Gears of War 4 last week, lots of Overwatch, will probably play some untitled goose game this week as it just hit gamepass and I haven’t had a chance to give the bonk.

3:03 PM

Sleeper van takes on a whole new meaning when you’re able to smoke cars in a race as well as actually sleep in it

3:02 PM

If I had a bunch of kids, I’d buy one of these just with seats and windows in back.  V8, rwd, seating for 12-15.  Perfect.

3:01 PM

I had an Express 3500 with the 6.0. Great engine, plenty of power and torque for most applications. 400+ HP is totally unnecessary. They really need to modernize this van, and the engine alone will not cut it. They need to completely modernize this thing with new styling and a modern interior. I now have a Transit, Read more

11:05 AM

2021 STI is really going to get more than 400hp, the Supra’s coming with a manual, the next gen Toyobaru will have 300hp, the Bronco will be perfectly designed, Lexus will tone down their grilles, Acura will start building fun cars again,

3:50 PM

Holy crap, a Voightländer! I have Grandpa’s old folding Bessa, complete with the little yellow flip-up filter that I need to figure out. The roller’s set for 620 film right now, though, which would be a special-order from down here. I could order a 120 roller for it, too, but yeah. Just haven’t had time to mess with Read more

3:29 PM

Nothing beats the look of film. Good on you! 35mm Film is the equivalent of 87 megapixels and the colors have a look that even high end cameras and processing software try to mimic. 

2:59 PM

I use my dads Pentax Spotmatic from 1972. Im only shooting B&W right now and developing them at home. I’d love to shoot some cars at an event like LeMans in B&W

2:51 PM

Great work! I love photographing cars and races, and have done two major projects photographic cars. One is called “Heartbrake” where I go into junkyards and photograph the cars found there, and the other is more focused on the minute design details found in modern cars. Heartbrake was shot on medium-format film on a Read more