Justin T. Westbrook
Staff Writer, Jalopnik
Jul 2

Can confirm already full of pebbles that will sit against the paint for the lifetime of the car I bet

Jun 15

I know this guy and either his family or friends own a few small barber shops across brooklyn so they’re doing ok

Jun 10

I also really like how this gen looks. Every thing still has some sense of balance to it. I suppose by now it’s easier for modern designers to design the big things and harder to master the small, just out of practice.

Jun 5

The fact that it’s even possible Stephenson was considering a super-wide rear hatch (notice how skinny the taillights have to be?), plus the split tailgate, all on this brief flight while sketching, is a lot to appreciate. I wonder if it’s institutional knowledge of wagon design, or just staring at a Land Rover, or Read more

Jun 5

For me it’s the lower profile line down the side that doesn’t even tattempt to line up with the bumper cut, which it easily could. In fact, it would match the higher line of the car perfectly, and look more aggressive. Read more

Jun 5

I agree with your skepticism. On the other hand, if I were an insurance company, I’d be doing studies like this to see how much I stand to be impacted. Of course they may try to manipulate it in their favor, but the swing of the industry is inevitable it seems at this point. I think this could also be a measure of Read more