Justin T. Westbrook
Staff Writer, Jalopnik
Oct 27

I like it because its greenhouse presents it as a big honkin wagon. Long and skinny (seeming). Looks like a BMW.

Oct 27

I heard there are a lot of secret fun stories about the months where all the German Alpina guys were training the Spartanburg teams. 

Oct 27

literally what the CEO said to me at last year’s test fest when he basically told the group of journalists this thing was happening at the bar

Oct 23

after a certain hoard of wealth I no longer view them as a person but instead a bank, if someone’s going to act like one

Oct 13

and it’s not that we won’t pay, we often do. I just don’t know whose inbox these ended up in on our staff, if anybody’s, and now it’s out so

Sep 30

yes but I’m also aware that Ford is going to read these comments and the more I say it, the more encouraging it is

Sep 30

OH no, how dare I encourage a billion-dollar automaker to give away more gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars to hardworking charitable people lol 

Sep 18

Yeah our drafted take was pretty much “this is a very European car and it feels like it.” It just feels foreign over here, but it’s very nice.

Sep 18

As I said in the article, we’d already reviewed the car. We didn’t feel like we had anything to add, or retract. This was the same trip where our Hellcat was stolen, so we got a little distracted at the end.  Read more