Justin Smith
Author of 'Sight', 'Human', and 'the World'. Co-creator of the Pigmented Perspective podcast.

Jun 6 2019

Never has been and never will be. It’s actually a turn off if I see a chick at a party down a bottle of it. 

Jun 6 2019

It’s ok. You’re not missing anything. Hennessy is nasty af anyway and I’ll fight anyone who says they drink they shit because they like it.  It’s drank more for a look and to be talked about and I'm not sure why. 

Jun 6 2019

I have a friend who is allergic to roses. Also super rare, and inconvenient, because no one ever imagines it could be possible, so they try to give them to her. Coffee! Roses! Could be anything.

Jun 6 2019

Henny Is Overhyped Nonsense - Reason #162632662kabillion

Jun 6 2019

I learned something today. I didnt know Hennessy was made with nuts. I’m not allergic but that shit gives me the most awful headaches. So, I shoot tequila like a boss. Lol.

Jun 6 2019

When “Doing It For The Culture” Goes Wrong aka I’m Glad I Survived The “What Black Folk Are Supposed To Be Doing” Phase.

Apr 1 2016

No comment on the bareback horse riding, other than to say that saddles exist for a reason. But it hasn’t stopped action movies with human stars in the past, so superhuman women are probably just more badass. Read more

Oct 2 2015

It’s not in that clip but yes. Colbert ended the segment by quickly promoting Pewdiepie’s new game and also upcoming book. That said, why not have one of the biggest stars on earth on your show? Do guests need to be shilling something in particular?