Antti Kautonen
Automotive writer based in Finland. Never paid more than two grand for a car. Currently drives a manual turbodiesel wagon.
Mar 22

Just wanted to tell you that your English is amazing. Also, you can do an article on rally English. Or better yet, in rally English.

Jul 11 2019

Jeep: “I’m sure he is coming back to rescue me soon, but I hope he hurries, this snow is getting deep”
3 months later: “He must have gotten stuck himself, it’s ok, Ill be strong, conserve my battery, and do my best to hold up all this weight”
6 months later: “He came back! I hollered as loud as I could and he heard Read more

Jul 2 2019

I didn’t know the dad from Calvin and Hobbes had a Kinja account!

Jun 21 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with Davey. He called me to talk Radwood for a piece he was writing about two months ago,  and I was in the midst of a 1500 mile motorcycle ride. We talked about cars, bikes, music, and all the things a Davey can think in the course of about 2 hours. It was delightful, but I had

Jun 21 2019

Thanks for this, Mike. Like others have said, it’s great to see your name here again, but I wish it was under any other circumstance.
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Jun 8 2019

My first car was a kei car, my second was a Fiat Uno. There’s so much 90s nostalgia wafting through my brain right now. 

May 1 2019

Back in the 1990s, if you wanted four doors, performance and a bit of refinement, you had to dish out large sums of money for a BMW or an Audi.

Apr 25 2019

Someone who represents 10% of my ideology is preferable to a candidate that represents 0%. 2020 is not “I want the perfect democratic party” is it “Holy shit we need to get Trump out by any means possible.” Read more