Antti Kautonen
Automotive writer based in Finland. Never paid more than two grand for a car. Currently drives a manual turbodiesel wagon.
May 22

I needed a set of tires for my first gen Neon, which also shares its tire size with the Citroen Xsara. A friend was offloading a vandalised Xsara, with two sets of tires, for the price of one set of tires. No-brainer really. I’ve been fixing up the Citroen for it to pass inspection, including swapping out the busted Read more

Mar 23

I actually covered Finnish car (and parked car) culture for Hooniverse for years and years! Sadly most of the content I wrote has been lost due to site refreshes, but there was a huge bulk of Finnish car life reporting there for quite some time. I still write for the site sometimes.

Mar 9

I spotted an identical, 300k km one on my workplace parking lot and I saw it advertised online earlier for 7500 Euros. That’s the price I really wanted to beat.

Mar 9

I did in fact, but passable XC70s seemed to be double the price there and less easily sourced. For some reason UK is full of them under 2k.

Jun 25 2019

It’s the same thing as having a song as your ringtone. You’re just gonna end up hating that song and associating it with “Ugh, I wonder who’s bugging me now”.

Jun 3 2019

I specifically sold my E34 hundreds of miles south so I wouldn’t have to witness local idiots ruining it. It returned to the next town from here and got ruined by idiots.

May 27 2019

These don’t look  *too* bad, really. I guess it’s because they’re OEM, the offset seems to match reasonably well and the rest of the car is stock, with “carrot” indicators. Of course a set of 17" cross-spoke BBS on reasonable tires would suit it better, but you didn’t stray as much off the mark as you could have.

May 16 2019

I was on a plane to Germany when all of this went down, and I kid you not, I read the entirety of The Hike on that plane ride. The news broke when I was on my way back, and I spent most of my December thinking “Welp, wonder what happened to him. Hope he’s actually not going to die. Maybe he’s a crab now.” I was hugely Read more

May 12 2019

If it originally came with the 2.6 Astron engine, then it’s always had a Hemi!

Mar 21 2019

If nothing else, the original NA Miata was born with the engine from the four-wheel-drive 323 GTX, just without the turbo and different orientation.

Feb 21 2019

I’m thinking that’s not quite right. He did drive it to 1 million. He also took a Lexus that had 900k on the clock and let a bunch of people drive it as well as driving it himself, but it was Farah who drove it to 1,000,000.

It’s the old question about who truly fills the glass (or jug, or...)

Feb 7 2019

I first read it as “Cold foods” and thought – well, that’s not that special.

After realizing, I wondered how good that’s for your intestines...