Musicians Demand SXSW Remove Contract Language Threatening to Call ICE On Those Who Affect Festival 'Viability'

Yesterday, musicians playing SXSW this year received their contracts and noticed some disturbing verbiage that included “notify[ing] the appropriate U.S. immigration authorities” and threats to report to ICE anyone who happened to “adversely affect the viability of their official SXSW showcase”:

All the Best, Worst and Boringest Outfits On the Red Carpet Death Match That Is the Oscars

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting a whole year for, the Battle Royale-slash-Hunger Games of red carpets: the 89th Academy Awards. Who will live? Who will die? Who will revolt against the whole system in an attempt to save humanity from a genocidal caste system? Who will be this girl? Everyone and no one! Let the…


'I Pee & I See the Capitol': DC Punk Band Priests on Antagonizing and Owning Their Means of Production

There’s no denying that, over the past decade and a half, music has opened up. The internet’s made way for genre explorations and collaborations that, before, might have never seemed possible; it’s obliterated regionalism (and perhaps territorialism), given global music acolytes access to the micro-est of genres,…