Julianne Escobedo Shepherd
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8:01 PM

It’s just strange to me as well, because this means Weiner clearly doesn’t know any professional dancers or certified trainers of a certain age in real life. One of the key components to being that fit and looking that good at 50+ is to keep going and not give up your practice. I know several current and former Read more

7:04 PM

Also, quite frankly, I’m not even close to J.Lo as far as looks go, but I’m deeply insulted by the idea that another woman thinks that I should therefore feel threatened by J.Lo, or less attractive than she is, or worried about it. Read more

6:52 PM

54 and was prematurely grey in my younger years. I remember when the invisibility happened, about 5 years ago - I was at a hotel bar and the bartender literally did not see me. It has only increased since then - people walking into me on the sidewalk, not seeing me on subway stairs, waitstaff not noticing when I’m Read more

6:25 PM

I don’t get Jennifer Weiner’s point at all. Pretty much everyone is hotter now than they would have been at the same age in earlier decades. My mom, at 67, looks better than Blanche did. We wear sunscreen now, and don’t settle for old lady hair cuts at 45 anymore.

5:49 PM

I’m confused: a big part of JLo’s job is to be incredibly hot. Her body is exceptional because she works incredibly hard to make it so—-it’s not impossible, just very hard. People do very hard things all the time when they have incentives to do so. I mean, folks are aware that she is a professional performer and Read more

5:52 PM

Of course I hope she hasn’t had her heart broken or anything, but her ditching a Saudi billionaire (and not a self-made one, at that) with a penchant for dating beautiful famous women is only a good thing in my book.

5:14 PM

But don't you see, you'll not only get an album, but a breakup album, which will be extra good. 

5:04 PM

I offer all my support to our dear Rihanna in this time of need. I will also offer to go on an extended recovery vacation with her in the Bahamas and get her through this difficult time.  I’m here for you girl.  Just call me.  

4:42 PM

Yes I too have a friend-of-a-friend who was his MUCH YOUNGER girlfriend for a time. Lived with him. Earned a ridiculously expensive handbag—we’re talking 5 figures.

3:18 PM

So now, instead of “six beers”, the answer to “What’s the difference between a straight guy and a gay guy?” is “the threat of going on a GOOP cruise”? Hmmm....

2:51 PM

Many years ago, my sister was friends with Larry’s girlfriend (at the time). Not a good guy. I do admit he’s aged pretty well.

3:10 PM

I did notice that! And I leaned over to my husband to say good thing there’s air to breath in that portion of outer space!

2:58 PM

I literally laughed out loud when I saw that scene. I wasn’t the only one.

4:08 PM

Alright “traditional” Methodists, time to read up on the Southern Baptists (created in 1845 when congregations broke away from the Baptists in order to continue to be pro-slavery). A century from now, do you want to be known as the Methodists who opposed civil rights? Then by all means, become a “traditional” sect.

3:59 PM

The UMChurch in my neighborhood is widely known for having a lot of LGBTQ+ resources and when the pressure campaign to “return to traditional values” from the higher-ups in the church started, they responded by draping multiple rainbow flags on their building, lining all walkways on their property with smaller ones Read more