Julianne Escobedo Shepherd
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1:10 PM

Creepy semi-name-droppy comment coming, but.... I went to school with one of the stars mentioned in this article and I am SO FORKING HAPPY to see them flourishing and finding success. Watching someone be authentically themselves back in the day even when the world wasn’t ready, and then to look up and they’re on TV Read more

12:12 PM

At the very least, Bat Boy is real. He was mayor of New York City and is now running interference for Trump.

5:26 PM

Damn you for posting the whole audio book. I just got sucked into listening for nearly 20 minutes. I had no idea these were on YouTube. I spent a lot of allowance money on SVH books back in the 80s. Although after listening to the first part of this and reflecting on how awful these books were, “wasted” might be a Read more

1:13 AM

Similarly, it’s hard to imagine how a small rental service will help address “environmental concerns,” as the BoF piece suggests. A 50-garment trial period in one of the world’s wealthiest countries doesn’t seem like it will do much to offset the effects of H&M’s contributions to the ongoing crisis of Read more

8:02 PM

So there’s been another terror attack in London, taking place on London Bridge, where a lone individual stabbed several people, killing two, before being tackled to the ground by bystanders after which armed police arrived and put the fucker down. Read more

7:16 PM

British Press is reporting the attacker was a convicted terrorist who was on release and wearing an ankle monitor at the time of the attack. This is going to get some really horrifying coverage from Fox and their ilk.

10:39 PM

Can you even get Chrome on an ipad? I suppress most of the adds and all the auto play videos with two Chrome addons. You might be able to find something similar for your browser.

9:46 PM

Unintentional (completely intentional?) positive side effect of the new format - Ditching the Tweets also ditches the G/O Media-mandated ads between every one, so Barf Bag is no longer crashing from Herbaceous ad overload on my iPad (though it still mandates an ad every 2 paragraphs, so I still got 3 autoplay Dolly Read more

7:20 PM

More context is really helpful. I was so consistently disappointed in the short vague comments with links that I just started jumping over those also.  Summary + link for more info is much more pleasant.

2:45 PM

(1) He didn’t “rewrite the constitution” so he could be re-elected forever. He petitioned the highest court in Bolivia, a duly constituted court, to rule that the then-existing term limits were invalid, and that court, fully within its authority, ruled that, in fact, those term limits were invalid. Was it some Read more

1:54 PM

The Latin Grammys still exist because the White Grammys can’t have brown people showing everyone up on the red carpet. This was 1000% less boring that every other red carpet this year.

12:27 PM

I realized yesterday that Ricky Martin (or any other Latino) has never been picked People’s Sexiest Man Alive. If that doesn’t show the whole thing is a sham, I don’t know what does.