Jack Crosbie
Contributing Writer, Splinter
Dec 11

There is, I believe, a brief mention of Aldovia in The Christmas Knight film, meaning that also takes place in the same shared universe. Which also means that Vanessa Hudgens has played 3 identical characters that all exist in the same universe at the same time

Oct 9

so this is interesting, because as someone pointed out further down, nouns don’t usually have tenses, and “screenshot” is usually a noun. but it’s also used as a verb, i.e. “they won’t stop screenshotting my bad takes,” or “screenshot that!”

i think, however, the most correct way to say it would be to treat it like Read more

Sep 30

when i was growing up we had a neighbor whose last name started with a K and he had two sons he named kam and kyle and i didn’t think anything about it until i heard a rumor years later that he was active in the local KKK. anyway, now i feel weird around people who have K-names that shouldn’t start with K

Sep 26

i grew up in nunes’ district (partially, i think we got redistricted out of it halfway through) and the first thing i heard about him was my mom saying something along the lines of “he seems like a real little shit” 

Sep 25

hi mrskia, appreciate your feedback, always good when my blogs create a little buzz

Sep 9

all things considered, i’m not completely sure the palin family ever actually profited from their years of grift? they kinda just catapulted off the idiotic 2008 campaign to being a very well publicized train wreck for half a decade and then slipped back into the alaskan hinterlands 

Aug 27

I debated putting $200k-$500k but thought it was funnier if I just left it as a single ludicrous number

Aug 27

Imo this is a pretty simplistic reduction of people who live in rural communities to stereotypes of gun owners. Are some of those stereotypes there for a reason? Sure. But just anecdotally, as someone who also grew up in a rural area, the people who own guns for actual practical purposes (predator/ pest control, Read more