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3:10 PM

Towards the end there was a period that felt like a bit of a slog to me because I didn’t know what to do next, and I should note that I’m a fast reader, so 26 hours might be on the low end of the spectrum. But this is the rare game that justifies its length. There are no obnoxious filler quests or parts that feel like Read more

4:37 PM

I’m pessimistic about the number of people who also feel that way, sad to say.

11:24 AM

The flaw with that approach is that it equates the size of a game with its value, which is problematic for all sorts of reasons. Size can certainly be one factor in assessing a game’s value, but most people would rather pay $60 for a 15-hour experience like Uncharted 2 than they would pay $60 for 100 hours of, say, Read more

9:48 AM

In this game (Link’s Awakening), yes and yes. This remake is a 1:1 recreation of the game. Nothing is different other than the things I mentioned above.

8:21 AM

It’s a short game, yeah. It’s hard to fathom that it costs the same as Breath of the Wild. But, honestly, it’s impossible for me to say whether it’s “worth” $60 because $60 means different things to different people - that’s the main reason we avoid talking about prices in our reviews here. One person’s $60 can be Read more

11:57 AM

Well, Kinja kinda ruined it by sticking “Share this story” in the middle there, but the answer is below that.

5:35 PM

During the course of reporting this story, I heard a whole lot of horrible stories that I couldn’t share here, either because I couldn’t corroborate them with multiple sources or because publishing them would risk the identities of my sources. (Protecting sources is always my number one priority when it comes to Read more

4:52 PM

What Stephen said. But it’s important to note, and this is something that I think confused a lot of people around E3 time, that if a leak pops up elsewhere and we know it’s true, we’re often obliged to cover it. There’s a big difference between info that’s sent to us via sources/tipsters and info that is already Read more

4:25 PM

Well I certainly think there are people and companies that would put out hits on me if they could get away with it!

4:23 PM

Not really. Far more often we get insider information that we choose not to publish because we don’t see the news value. We like to prioritize stories that people won’t find out about without us over information that people will hear about anyway.

4:20 PM

I’d have to think about it for a while. I might swap 5/10 and 3/10.