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10:22 PM

I dunno yet! I love going to E3 and can’t imagine not going, but between the ESA doxxing and our company’s current... situation I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.

1:44 PM

Yeah, my best advice for following the podcast is to subscribe using your podcast app of choice, or follow me/Kirk/Maddy on Twitter. Cause who knows what’s gonna happen?

9:53 PM

I’m playing through Cold Steel 2 as we speak on PC and will check out CS3 next year when it comes to Switch! It’s hard to play a 70-hour JRPG on the PS4 when your apartment has just one TV and your wife likes to use it too.

12:47 PM

Obra Dinn was last year! It was my favorite game of 2018, hands down. I wish I could wipe my memory and play it again.

12:50 PM

Yeah I have no idea why it’s so opaque - the process is basically “someone on the staff happens to see your comment and think to un-grey you.” Given that we’re understaffed and reporting/writing/playing games/editing all day, none of us actually have the desire or bandwidth to spend much time looking for commenters to Read more

12:42 PM

Our parent company is a mess and the comments barely even work these days, so I’ve been checking them less (which is a bummer, because I love engaging with Kotaku readers) - you’re ungreyed now if it helps!

12:19 PM

Yeah, I’m ribbing a multi-billion-dollar publisher for being misleading in its PR. If you don’t like that, there are plenty of more PR-friendly reporters and websites out there to follow!

11:53 AM

I like to think that one of the cool things about Kotaku is that you can come here for more information than you’ll get from a publisher’s press release. This is a good example of that. It’s not necessarily controversial or explosive info — it’s just context that you won’t find anywhere else.

12:17 PM

No disc drive = no used games, which gets all the game publishers drooling.

3:10 PM

Towards the end there was a period that felt like a bit of a slog to me because I didn’t know what to do next, and I should note that I’m a fast reader, so 26 hours might be on the low end of the spectrum. But this is the rare game that justifies its length. There are no obnoxious filler quests or parts that feel like Read more

4:37 PM

I’m pessimistic about the number of people who also feel that way, sad to say.

11:24 AM

The flaw with that approach is that it equates the size of a game with its value, which is problematic for all sorts of reasons. Size can certainly be one factor in assessing a game’s value, but most people would rather pay $60 for a 15-hour experience like Uncharted 2 than they would pay $60 for 100 hours of, say, Read more

9:48 AM

In this game (Link’s Awakening), yes and yes. This remake is a 1:1 recreation of the game. Nothing is different other than the things I mentioned above.