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May 14

Ping me on Twitter or email when you finish the book - I’d be very curious to hear if you still feel the same.

May 14

Seems to me it’s a 1,500-word piece full of interesting information that also happens to end with a cliffhanger to tantalize you into checking out the book, but hey what do I know, I just worked here for eight years

May 14

Yup and it’s narrated by Ray Chase, Noctis from FFXV and the reader of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels

Apr 17 2020

A lot of the comments here have gotten me emotional, but this one really set off the waterworks. Thank you.

Apr 16 2020

My work at my next outlet will be more industry- and business-focused and less about playing games and writing about them, so I don’t think the FF retrospective can continue there. But I do have dreams of writing a book about Final Fantasy one day. We’ll see!

Apr 10 2020

Well first of all, I warned you not to scroll down here! Tons of people in Europe and Australia have been playing the game for over a week and some have even asked me to give them a place on Kotaku to talk about the ending, which is worthy of discussion. So here is that place.

Apr 6 2020

Good question. So, yes. Final Fantasy VII Remake is completely accessible to people who haven’t played the original game... until the last chapter. At that point, it’s hard to follow even if you have finished FFVII — if you haven’t played it at all, the ending will be incomprehensible. Read more

Apr 6 2020

I don’t want the comments of this review to have any spoilers, but I’ll do some sort of post on Friday in which we can all talk about the whole game.

Jan 13 2020

I dunno yet! I love going to E3 and can’t imagine not going, but between the ESA doxxing and our company’s current... situation I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.

Jan 9 2020

Yeah, my best advice for following the podcast is to subscribe using your podcast app of choice, or follow me/Kirk/Maddy on Twitter. Cause who knows what’s gonna happen?

Dec 24 2019

I’m playing through Cold Steel 2 as we speak on PC and will check out CS3 next year when it comes to Switch! It’s hard to play a 70-hour JRPG on the PS4 when your apartment has just one TV and your wife likes to use it too.

Dec 24 2019

Obra Dinn was last year! It was my favorite game of 2018, hands down. I wish I could wipe my memory and play it again.