José Rodríguez Jr.
Staff Writer at Jalopnik. Periodista automotriz, Naturally Aspirated Stan.
Nov 24

It seems that the ethos of digital user interfaces is making its way to car design, and carmakers have blindly obeyed its tenets...

Nov 5

Great! Now with all the money you will make writing for Jalopnik you’ll be able to afford a real apartment and not live in that tent anymore...

Nov 5

Well, welcome aboard, Jose. I hope they pay you better here than what you’ve been making wherever you came from if that’s a picture of your home and driveway. I recognize it as being South Texas, though.

Nov 5

Stoked to have you onboard, dude. Can’t wait to see what manner of shenanigans you get up to.

Where are we all meeting up for Jalopnik’s first massive multi-bike head-to-head motorcycle test?

Nov 5

Driving is the closest I’ve come to space-travel. Well, it is space travel, but you know what I mean. You sit in the cockpit of your car. You plug in all manner of electronics and lock them, lest your attention be diminished from the task. You click in your three-point restraint. You disengage the clutch and turn Read more