May 26

It’s the same where I am. At one point I decided it wasn’t worth it anymore, so as a once-avid concert-goer, I just stopped altogether.

May 23

Seriously. That’s almost a point-for-point recitation of why I stopped going to gigs on a regular basis. Not to mention that annoying bit where a tall, sweaty idiot suddenly occupies the space immediately in front of you once the set starts.

Jan 15

Sad that it took a cartoon to make me seek treatment for depression and substance abuse, but here we are. There were several dozen entirely too real moments in that show.

Jan 10

The smiles nice, he’s funny, and I’m a bit of a slut so yes. Plus I feel like he’d be really appreciative/enthusiastic about it.

Jan 8

Historically, we’ve drank more, sure (the peak seems to have been right before prohibition, which definitely added fuel to that movement). But according to data I’ve seen, we’ve been on a pretty sharp uptick since the mid-90s. And again, even if the numbers aren’t exact, we’re still seeing a relative jump in mortality. Read more

Jan 8

Coroners are not regularly deciding that people died from 20+ things including a shot of jack, bud.

Oct 23 2019

True fact: Pete actually has an average penis, but he does have a 9 inch tongue and breathes through his ears.

Sep 27 2019

An animated show about a horse should not have been the catalyst for me re-examining my depression, co-dependent relationships and finally going to therapy, but it was.

Sep 20 2019

Right. This isn’t even a breach of contract. It’s a provision within the contract for what happens if you go over the allotted miles. Go over on mileage, pay a per-mile fee of $X (usually $0.25). Damage to the vehicle is also not a breach of contract, because there’s a provision for what they’ll charge you if that Read more

Sep 20 2019

You are absolutely correct. Why is everyone so snotty anytime there’s an “I fucked up; what’s the least painful way to fix this” question?

Sep 20 2019

He’s not asking how the lease works. He’s asking if, given how the lease works, and given that he fucked up, what options are open to him going forward. That’s not an unreasonable thing to ask someone who has helped other people deal with similar issues. Read more